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If you ask me what I came into this life to do, I will tell you: I came to live out loud.
— Emile Zola
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I was raised in California from a long line of artists, creating is in my blood. In my younger years I lived in a community of very successful artists, all making a handsome living off of the sales of their art. I spent time in their studios, worked in the sculpture foundry, attended exhibits and helped coordinate large art events for the community. I didn’t know how unusual this was at the time, but it has informed my idea that we all have the ability to succeed at doing what we love.

Though I have always been an artist, it took a better part of my adult years before I came back to making art as a profession. Prior to going full time with my art career, I studied art and art history at Monterey Peninsula College and University of Maryland. I traveled through Europe studying the world's greatest masterpieces. And I worked in the design industry making trade products for national companies, getting published and teaching classes. But once I decided to make the switch, I have gone full speed ahead with my art career. From showing locally in Maryland and being represented by national retailer, Maine Cottage, to being curated into an international exhibit in Chelsea, NYC and winning Signature Membership with the International Society of Acrylic Painters, I have found opportunity at every turn. I delved deep into an eight month residency at Jordan Faye Contemporary in Baltimore in 2015 and it was after the experience of focusing intently on my own art that I realized that I thrive best when working with others.

I’ve loved the creation of the event as much as the creation of the art and so I began curating shows and exhibits. I spent a year with Maryland Federation of Art as their off-site exhibits coordinator. And I have created original exhibits with West Annapolis Artworks for over four years, many of which have received great press and attention for being something different for our area. My most recent experience of bringing in new artists to the gallery and running exciting new programs has led me to finally fulfill the vision I have for an art education program, hence the birth of Color Crush Creative.  I love living a creative life, I love putting the show together and I love working with artists, so working as an educator is a natural step. I look forward to sharing my joy of painting, working with more talented artists, and I hope my lifelong experience in the arts will be a value to others seeking to live and love a creative life.

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