If you’ve ever thought that you may want to pick up art journaling, this is your chance to explore and expand your skills in a variety of media with a wide range of teaching styles and activities.

Even if you have a busy lifestyle and have a hard time making time for your art practice, with art journaling you can fit in ten or twenty minutes of satisfying creating a day.

Bring your art journal and get ready for a blast being inspired by these talented artists!

What You Get With Artist Melange: Art Journaling

Sara Schroeder

is dynamic, powerful, and armed with strong composition and color play. Work along with her to see some of her fabulous ideas for journaling to pull yourself out of a rut, or to drop yourself into a fantastic rabbit hole of ideas. Once you start on her courses, you won’t want to stop, especially once you make your own Old Book Revival.

Connie Solera

creates fabulous figurative work in a flowy, sketchy, and ethereal style. Her soothing manner and brave countenance guide you through mark-making, sketches, and practice that will elevate your art and style to the next level. Check out her workbook for a boost of your own self-confidence and art inspiration.

Priscilla George

is a nature artists whose bold work lends itself to lifelike illustrations and paintings. With a strong artistic voice and style, she’ll guide you through her methods for creating art whenever you have an opportunity: from making art in the tiny moments you have to create (10 minute magic!) to making art when you’re on the go.

Becca Bastian Lee

is a portrait-artist, abstract artist, and lover of cats. She’s the person to call when you want to layer and loop color around on the page to find balance, finesse, and a sense of calm. Work along with her in this process and enjoy the ride.

Bonus Resource Content

Bonus Content is always included with all Studio Courses. You're extra resource lessons include Color Harmony, the Color Mixing Lab and Basics, like materials and preparation. These are ready upon enrollment.

What's Included with All Melange Courses:

  • Guest artists and content are carefully curated by Kellee Wynne Conrad.
  •  Content previously only available thru the True Colors Art Program.
  • Carefully constructed coursework designed to elevate your work quickly when you put in the time and energy.
  • A wide range of artists and styles who give you the skills you need to succeed.
  • Open and supportive learning environment where trying new things is the expectation, not the rule.
  • High quality video lessons from expert artists.
  • Over 4 hours of instruction in every Melange.
  • Completely downloadable content.
  • Lifetime Access.
  •  Private Facebook Community.
  • Insight to the creative process.
  • New skills and techniques to help you grow.
  • Ideas to fuel your creative fire.

Introducing the Melange Artists

Sara Schroeder

In Sara Schroeder’s courses you'll learn about her spark and how she started establishing her style. See how she started the "Old Book Revivalists" movement and how it affects her art practice. Then, Sara will show you how to choose your book to create your own fabulous Old Book Revival. She demonstrates a wide range of tasks that can spark your imagination, like using magazines to inspire your color choices and mark-making. You’ll get to experiment and play with composition and color as she does the same. She uses different mediums to incorporate inspiration from the natural world, uses patterns and photocopies to explore shape, linework, and elements of composition, and even uses the internet to guide her experimentation. It’s a whole new way to approach the art of journaling.

Connie Solera

Take a breath of fresh air with Connie as she runs through the challenges we all face as artists and humans. Connie reveals the joy and comfort she derives from simple sketches in her tiny sketchbook. Connie invites you to doodle, create patterns, and to create simple line drawings in order to stay connected to your creativity even when its hardest. See her tiny sketchbooks and gather inspiration from her spirit and creative energy.  Paint along with Connie and create your own line drawings incorporating her three invitations: doodling in your sketchbook, creating patterns, and creating contoured drawings. Don’t forget to read through her fabulous PDF on her experiences as an artist.

Priscilla George

Priscilla takes us on-the-go with her art and shows us how she creates when she's in nature. Find out her favorite tips, tricks, and materials for painting on-the-go! Priscilla introduces her 10-minute challenge for sketching in your sketchbook. See how she uses a prompt, minimal materials, and 10 minutes on a timer to create her on sketch. Priscilla uses her course to remind you about the importance of the quick sketch in experimenting, playing, and growing as an artistPriscilla’s supplies for keeping it simple on-the-go? A sketchbook, pens, markers, watercolor/gouache paint, pencils, an eraser, a sharpener, and water brushes.

Becca Bastian-Lee

Becca uses a predesignated palette to create a gorgeous layered sketchbook page. Becca begins by layering Derwent Inktense colored pencils onto her page and using a wash of color to create a watercolor effect. After the initial wash of color, Becca uses acrylic to lay down large shapes and works to vary the values and compositions in order to create two very distinct pieces. Work along with Becca and use her favorite supplies or your favorite comparable ones. Learn how to take sketchbook ideas and translate them to larger works of art.

About Your Host:

Kellee Wynne Studios

I'm Kellee and I believe there is magic inherent in making art. It heals the soul and connects like-minded people from around the world with something joyful and meaningful. When we make art we make a more beautiful life in small and big ways. So it is my mission to help you make more art!

A little back story - My childhood was all about running through sculpture gardens and playing in the neighbors' art studios....what was this wonderland? It's undeniable that my upbringing, while somewhat unusual, left me with a strong impression that we can live the life of our dreams through art. That there is magic inherent in living a creative life. My true purpose is to bring that magic back and share it with those who are longing to realize their creative purpose.

Kellee Wynne Studios New Era True Colors My Portrait

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Frequently Asked Questions

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When does the Class Begin?

All e-courses are self-study and self-paced. The videos are all prerecorded and ready to watch upon purchase. You can watch them whenever you want, and as many times as you wish. It is up to you to find the timing that suits you best. Make time for your creativity. It is a gift you are giving yourself!

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You have unlimited LIFETIME* access to this Melange Artist course. *Lifetime means for as long as Kellee Wynne Studios, LLC is in business.

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You can access the lessons and video from most mobile devices and computers with high speed internet. The videos will be hosted online on an easy to use platform called Simplero. This course will also be available for download if you wish. 

What Supplies Do I Need?

Each course has a different supply list provided in the course materials.  Most courses use acrylic and mixed media. We encourage you to be innovative and use what you have. However, if you need supplies, we have an Amazon Storefront with our best recommendations: LINK

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The nature of online courses with downloadable content means that all sales are final. Thank you for understanding. 

Is this the same content as True Colors?

Yes. These are all the exact same lessons shared in the True Colors Art Program. True Colors is now permanently closed, but you can now buy the best of the best in these Melange courses and keep the content to enjoy as often as you'd like for as long as we stay in business. In fact you can even download the lessons. What an amazing offer that you can begin enjoying today!