Color Crush Creative Palette 39: Happy Dance

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement for me! So may new opportunities and projects are happening that I am doing a "Happy Dance"!! My upcoming art classes at Queen's Ink are filling up and I can't wait to teach my new True Colors painting program. On the horizon - additional new in-person workshops, including traveling locations in 2019. A huge art exhibit in April showing 40+ of my paintings in Annapolis. And finally - new online format for learning all about color and painting coming this spring! I have a lot of reasons to do a Happy Dance, and that is the name of the new palette.

Last week I hit publish on a new color mixing and painting video and everyone seemed to love it. thank you for the great response! Here's the link if you haven't had a chance to see it yet: PLAY VIDEO

Workshop: Technique Tsunami

This two day event will open a floodgate of exciting new methods for creating mixed media abstract artwork. Join Kellee Wynne as she shares all the secrets to her layered method of acrylic painting on paper. From spray paint to collage and mark making to stencils, this class has it all, including foundation work in color, composition and design. We will learn how to turn your play into a completed work of art. Everything you learn in Technique Tsunami can stand on its own to create new paintings, add new ideas to your personal artwork or bring new life to your personal art journal. Don’t get bogged down in your old routine, let’s shake things up with paint, paper and play!

Color Crush Creative Palette 38: Treat Yourself

Maybe what makes this community genuine is that we are all real people, with real lives and just trying to connect in a real genuine way. That's me, just a real person behind the screen! I'm a mom to three redheaded boys, wife to a pretty cool guy (who still doesn't understand the art career, lol), homemaker, friend, social media addict, sharer, writer, reader, traveler, Netflix fan, plant lover, new yogi, art teacher and full-time artist. Whew!

As you have all been encouraging me to go easy on myself, I want to let you know that I'm ok with the palette getting to you late, and I hope you are as well. So, with that in mind, you can see why I decided to name this week's palette "Treat Yourself" because, dear artists, we really need to be good to ourselves so that our creativity can flow and we can make the world a better, more beautiful place.

We are All Creative Beings, Painting With Kara Aina

ara Aina went to art school earning a BFA in Intaglio and Lithography. Afterwards she focused on her family and career as an art teacher and did not prioritize her own art. She often told herself that it wasn’t her “season” to devote time to her art and that it felt “selfish” to deprive her family of the time and resources it would take for her to pursue it. Nothing could have been further from the truth. Through a series of events Kara realized that she was not doing anything to replenish herself. She came to the realization that prioritizing art was essential to her well-being and happiness and thus, that of her family as well.

Workshop: True Colors Live Series

Introducing “True Colors”, a new series of painting courses designed by Kellee Wynne Studios to help any artist learn the foundation of acrylic painting while still having fun. Let’s build confidence while finding your true style in an easy, relaxed setting. By painting in an abstract manner, you can approach the canvas with the confidence of knowing that anything goes when you’re creating loose and free. 

“Abstract Floral Painting” is the first class in the 3 part series that is perfect for artists at any level, from beginner to experienced.. Each class is a stand alone class and will have individualized, thorough instructions. Take one class or take all three to dive deeper into your art practice through acrylic painting. Other classes offered: Mini Seascape Painting and Modern Landscape Painting

Color Crush Creative Palette 37: Cross My Heart

You have my heart! All you Crushers taking a risk and sharing your art and putting your heart on the line to share a piece of yourself. It takes courage every day, no matter how long you've been doing this or how many times you've shared your work. So I commend you and I honor the fact that you have joined me on this journey through Color Crush Creative. I truly love this calling and I am in it with all my heart. So this week we are going just plain heart crazy! Paint, doodle, cut, paste, big, small, simple, elaborate, colorful or muted...anything goes, just show me your hearts!

Color Crush Creative Palette 36: Perfect Day

It's the Perfect Day! Of course, I believe every day is the perfect day if you make up your mind to do so. Today is a little more special for me, though, because it is the 20th anniversary of the day I met my husband. Twenty freaking long years! It's hard to believe, but I'm so happy to have him as my partner for life. There are a few things I've learned about how to have the BEST DAY EVER and it all comes from how you look at life. I wrote down my ideas on this a few years ago and recently shared it in THIS blog post. Might be the boost you are looking for?

Color Crush Palette 35: Singing the Blues

This week I'm Singing the Blues, even if I'm in a good mood! Because this palette is all about blue - Royal Blue to be exact. This is a color stretch for me because I always turn to turquoise and other green-blues, but this week we'll go all out on the Bluest Blues. Make this color your main focus, but do add white and other pops of colors to pull it all together.

Color Crush palette 34: Crushing It!

Are you ready for another week bursting with wild color? I had to name this palette "Crushing It!" because we all are. Color Crush Creative Instagram just hit 15k followers. I am seeing more positive creatives sharing every day. We have a new game in the Color Crush Creative Club called Crush Rush! that participants can earn rewards when they play (but you never know when the game will start!). And I have so many really fun things planned for this year, like ecourses, workshops, retreats and travel, that I can hardly contain myself. Yeah, I like how 2018 is shaping up so far. Hope it's looking bright for you as well!

Color Mix Like a Pro Using Only Three Colors

Yes, it's true, mix like a pro using just three colors plus white! Over the years I have found myself naturally limiting my palette as I mix my own colors more often. Narrowing my palette to my few favorite colors like Quinacridone Magenta, Hansa Yellow medium, Green-Gold, Turquoise, Payne's Grey and Permanent Violet hue - all by Golden Acrylic Paints - I have found I simply just don't need every color. And with the growth of Color Crush Creative, I have been even more aware of color mixing and how to arrive at the desired colors for each palette. But this learning play with just three colors has brought color mixing to a new level.

Workshop: FortunART Cards

 "Queen of Hearts", a full day mixed media class with Kellee Wynne Studios. This technique immersive class is a way to experiment with all your creative ideas in one project. Join Kellee in creating your own inspiration deck of cards. We will be exploring extensive collage and painting techniques on a small scale by focusing on a deck of cards as our foundation and using motivational words and quotes to give our creative selves a boost for 2018. We will start with playing with paint on a deck of cards, learning how to add texture, color and composition to collage images, add hand drawn details and learn a few new painting tricks that you can apply to future projects. We will finish with painting a paper mache book box to store all our art cards in.