Royal Bohemian Collection

Born out of a longing of far reaching parts of the world, I introduce to you a new collection of hand painted ornaments featuring all the little luxuries of a life well lived. Inspired by the regal peacock and silk sari ribbon, the Royal Bohemian Collection is a special touch or the perfect gift for a beautiful holiday. Two styles, Karma and Pavo, are both limited edition for 2017 and when they are gone, they are gone. Collect yours now and have a small hand held work of art from the heart of Kellee Wynne Conrad.

How to Find Your Voice as an Artist

Who am I as an artist?

Finding the answer to this is the secret every artists wants to figure out. After reading all kinds of books, spending a lot of time online and grilling all of my artist friends, I have come to only one conclusion. *You must do the work.* Only time spent creating will help you reveal the mystery. And this is one that will keep unfolding your whole art career. I am still asking myself who am I as an artist and I suspect in twenty years I will still be asking myself the same question.

How to Have the Best Day Ever

Another week has come and gone and another chance at having the best week ever. And EVERY week is the best week ever because every week is another chance to love, laugh, live and breathe. But it takes work! Effort must be made every day to make it the best day in order to live your best life.

 I think everyone could use a little nudge, so today I am introducing “Best Day Ever”. These are six simple things to make your day a better day. If you have a happy day today, by the end of the week you’ll have a bunch of happy days and end up having the best week ever. Soon you will find you’ve had a few great weeks and before you know it you’ll have the happy life you’ve been looking for all along….simple mathematics.

These are my simple principles for letting go and leaning in to a better life....

1. Be in the moment. 

Every morning is an opportunity to wake with a fresh start. Let go of yesterday’s mistakes and tomorrow’s worries; you have a chance to get it right today. This is a new day full of possibilities – be present for it.

2. Approach others with objectivity. 

Scientists are responsible for putting aside their biases and beliefs to see the world as it really is. This is objectivity. Rather than being irritated, easily offended, stuck in your ways or judging others; choose open mindedness. Aren’t we all just trying to make our way through a chaotic world?

3. Accomplish something meaningful. 

You’ll feel better when you cross at least one thing off your to-do list and even better about the day if you make it meaningful. If you have goals and dreams, see yourself closer to them by doing something with purpose today.

4. Share the love. 

Take time to connect with the people in your life. The more love you give, the more love you have.

5. Go with gratitude. 

Say thank you, thank you, thank you for this day. When you focus all your thoughts on what’s right, even if it’s the smallest of goodness to be found, you cannot help changing your whole outlook. Gratitude will create a beautiful life.

6. Laugh often. 

Laugh out loud. Laugh until you can’t breathe. And don’t forget to smile while you’re at it….

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,
in the expert’s mind there are few.
— Shunryu Suzuki

I've found a magical way to start off on the right foot every morning. I have fallen in love with poetry and inspirational reading. It makes my heart sing. Here are a few of my favorites from my reading list:

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Why I Wake Early: New Poems by Mary Oliver

Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Do you have any great words of wisdom to add? How do you have the best day ever? Please leave a comment below! or send me a message:

Do you paint in your sleep?

I think about art a lot. It might be a bit of an obsession. I’m beginning to think that I have allowed it to replace most of my conscience thinking hours. I’m not sure if this is healthy, but at least I know I don’t have room to obsess over unhealthy ideas. So in a way, painting in my sleep has replaced hypochondria or the need for a perfect home or the worry about what tomorrow might bring. Hmmm...some trade off there!

Make More Art

My hands are dirty. My heart is full. I've been busy, busy, busy. I've painted up a bunch of new stuff….but the work has just begun. A dozen or so paintings do not make a body of work. A few  gallery shows does not make me a star. A few sales now and then do not make me a success. A a couple of accolades does not mean I can call myself a master of anything except taking a risk and even then, it is a small risk for the small steps I have taken. The work has just begun

Ideas Don't Keep

And neither do children. I have grandiose dreams of being a writer, a painter, a designer, an illustrator, a social media master, a maker of many things; but time is short and the kids still need to be fed. So I pace myself and find time in between loads of laundry, play group and wiping noses. I won’t have this time again. When they have flown the coop I will wonder where it went and wish for them to need me again. But I have ideas now. And I am writing them down and sketching them out. And if I have a quiet afternoon once in awhile I will do what I need to do. I will create.

At the End of the Day

The days zip by us so fast. One more wake up and one more sunset. One more chance to do it all. One more chance to sit back and soak it all in. Morning is filled with possibility. But when night falls, it’s only the hours that remain behind us. What have we done? Where did we spend our time? Who did we love? Who did we forgive? What did we let go? When did we give thanks for all that we have?

Full Circle

I made a promise to myself. A commitment of personal growth, of significant change. One fall afternoon, more than three years ago, I made a decision to put aside my crafting hobbies in order to pursue my dream of being an artist. I made the announcement and posted it publicly and then set out to make good on my word.  It didn't happen all at once. I didn't get to jump right in. But between sorting laundry and sorting out my priorities, I began building a future in art.

A Day in the Life of an Artist

I got jack diddly squat done this week. I might have made one good meal. I had a few good ideas, but they sat on the shelf while I surfed Instagram (@kelleewynnestudios). There is a pile of paperwork and projects on the dining room table that have been sitting patiently since last Sunday waiting to be hung, just glad they are not locked away in a trunk anymore. Something smells in the kitchen and it’s probably the garbage. My kids are bored with nothing to do – homework I say! – but at last that’s done. I don’t think I got dressed before noon once. I guess you could say I have lost focus already.

Fake it Till You Make it!

That’s basically what I’m doing. I keep putting myself out there, out on a limb and fully exposed. But I keep thinking I’m just a poser, I have no clue what I’m doing and I’m standing here half naked at that. Who am I to call myself an “Artist?” A “Writer?” Struggling, aspiring, wishing, taking baby steps - maybe I’ll concede to that. I’m comfortable with “Dreamer” because I wouldn’t be doing any of this if I weren’t at least a little delusional! But “Positive Thinker?” I've been called out on that one before….but then I asked myself, what have I been putting out to the world through my writing? Do I remember what I've been saying? But I realize that saying and doing are two different things.