Color Crush Palette 49: Harvest Moon

I absolutely love the change of seasons. This time of year feels like a renewal and a time to turn inward as we finally start getting cooler weather in the Northern Hemisphere. Are you down under? Are you feeling the change as well and maybe looking outward to new beginnings? It's so amazing to me to watch how the seasons affect our palettes and our production as artists.

Harvest Moon is no exception to big changes for our artwork. We are making a shift in color palette to cool and earthy. Does it remind you of nightfall and a crispness in the air? How will you combine these colors in your artwork to create an atmosphere that feels like "Harvest Moon"?

I hope you find yourself inspired by the artists and inspiration images and share your artwork. And I hope to find you on Instagram. Tag @colorcrsuhcreative and use the hashtag #cccpalette48 for any work related to Golden Hour or #colorcrushcreative for any colorful post. I can't wait to see your artwork and hope to feature your work on the feed!

Color Crush Creative palette-49 Kellee Wynne Studios Harvest Moon 1.png

Have you ever used soft pastel? Also known as chalk pastel. These pure pigment sticks are so wonderful for expressive mark making and can really be worked in with any medium. I love starting with a sketch and them doing a wet wash of the pigment before layering acrylic and then finishing with them once again. I managed to get so many unique textures and very atmospheric results when using them in this art journal page.

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