Color Crush Palette 47: Botanical Bliss

Green - the most abundance color of all. The color that gives us hope and renewal and belief that all things will begin again. It is the color of wealth, health and fertility. Some may say you're green with envy, but I say the more that grows the merrier. Green has mostly positive connotations. A green light means go and a green card means you're allowed to stay in the US legally. Green as a word or color is synonymous with nature and the environment. But it's also one of the hardest colors to use successfully in art.

Don't let green intimidate you. Use any shade of green for this week's palette and maybe a pop of an analogous color (next to green on the color wheel) or a complimentary color, like red or magenta. Read the blog post about green or get involved with True Colors to really dive deep into your own color and painting practice. I hope you find yourself inspired by the artists and inspiration images and share your artwork. I hope to find you on Instagram. Tag @colorcrsuhcreative and use the hashtag #cccpalette47 for any work related to Botanical Bliss or #colorcrushcreative for any colorful post. I can't wait to see your artwork and hope to feature your work on the feed!

The best part about green is that there are more options for mixing this beautiful hue than you could ever imagine! Green from a tube will often fall flat, especially when you want to paint images of nature. Any yellow and blue will work to make green - but which two? A light yellow and turquoise will make something eye popping, where more natural colors, like cadmium yellow medium and ultramarine blue, will make earthy tones of green. And when you are looking to make a very subdued green, try adding the complimentary color to your green - like primary magenta. Something magic will happen!

And the most important tip I can give you is to add MORE YELLOW for a lighter shade of green. I oftentimes watch students in class get frustrated because they add white - and that makes mint. Try this project, pick a few yellows, a few blues and make your own color chart. This exercise will really open your eyes to all the possibilities!

If you'd like more color mixing lessons, you can find full length mixing videos in True Colors, along with more than 50 painting and inspirational video lessons like the ones featured in the image below. Maybe it's time for you to discover your True Colors?

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