Color Crush Palette 48: Golden Hour

This time of year I like to think of as the Golden Hour. I don't know about you, but summer has flown by much too quickly and I can already feel the days are getting shorter. The garden is overgrown and we are hanging on to the end of careless summer days wishing for just a few more late night suppers under the stars. So, here's to a a few more pool days, a few more hikes in the woods, a few more minutes on the beach... and then it's going to be back to school, back to work and back to our regular schedule.

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This palette happened quite by surprise and it's just so warm and inspiring. You can mix these colors right from your primaries - yes it's possible and I show you how in True Colors. But you can also use some colors right out of the tube. Specifically yellow ochre, indian yellow hue,titan buff, titan green pale, chromium oxide green, and magenta with a touch of cyan....but get creative and remember it's the spirit of the palette, nit the exact interpretation that's important when you create. Make it yours!

It's quite possible to write a long essay about the history and use of the color yellow ochre, after all the story of color is one of my favorite things to study. But I will let you take a peek on your own into the Wiki page if you are interested to learn about this ancient, naturally occurring color.

"Don't wait until you know who you are to get started." Quote from Austin Kleon in his book Steal Like an Artist. It was one of my first motivational books I read when I was ready to take the plunge back into art after a really long break. It's still one of my favorites to refer back to and it's what I'm using this month as a guide in my "big concept" lesson for True Colors. In addition to teaching the foundation of art making, my main goal in my online program is to help artists discover their own voice, or their own "True Colors" and I do that by introducing fear busting lessons, exploring all types of art making concepts, and guiding them to connect the similarities of their own work and life together until what they are passionate about comes through. It's a pretty amazing membership program and the artists have captured my heart. Come see for yourself why hundreds of artists have already taken the plunge in this truly one of a kind online art experience.

This is what Wendy Ward had to say about True Colors this week:

"Wowzers, can I just say I wish I had these videos a few years ago when I was really doing the 'work' on learning color theory! I am embarrassed to say just how much reading and research I have done on this only for your mixing videos to break it down to a simple process that I was able to understand and retain! Your teaching (& not to mention knowledge base) has provided me with so many ah-ha moments. So much of the research actually makes more sense and I am able to apply it to my art in a much more effective way. Thank you so much!!"

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