Color Crush Creative Palette 45: Sunrise to Sunset

Turn up the heat! At least I think someone has around here because it is one hot summer here in the north half. That's ok, what better excuse that to stay inside where it's cool with all your art supplies? It's perfectly fine to get lost playing indoors. Are you making anything new, exploring fun concepts, challenging yourself to keep creating even when the lull of summer is here?

If you are in a rut or need some motivation, then I have the perfect solution for you - Seascape Escape! It's a FREE online mini painting course that I have up for the whole summer. Read about it below.

In the meantime, take a look at these new colors and get ready to share your artwork. I hope to find you on Instagram. Tag @colorcrsuhcreativeand use the hashtag #cccpalette45 for any work related to Sunrise to Sunset or #colorcrushcreative for any colorful post. I can't wait to see your artwork and hope to feature your work on the feed!

Color Crush Creative palette-45 Kellee Wynne Studios Sunrise to Sunset 1.png

The month of July is all about the color MAGENTA! You'll see it in all our color palettes as well as the guest teacher in True Colors - Trupti of @whatacolor_gal. I love the color magenta and find it very versatile. We are having a blast in the True Colors program mixing up paint and learning from new artists all the time.

In fact this is what Catie Guse had to say this week: I Can’t believe all the great tools and techniques I’ve learned from True COLORS and the reminders of the tricks I knew but had forgotten about😊 This class is hands down the BEST online class I have ever invested in. I actually have to muster the patience to get from Friday to Friday😂 The anticipation is REAL!

If you're ready to take your art to the next level - True Colors is the place to be online!


Now...her's a little fun about the color MAGENTA:

Magenta, like pink, is a playful and fun color. Because of its feminine ties, it is also associated with nurturing, abundance and romance. It's an upbeat color. Does it make you happy? 

Magenta is a modern color, a synthetic dye invented by a French Chemist in the mid 1800s. Originally named Fuschine (Fuschia), it was changed to Magenta in honor of a French-Italian battle.

This new found aniline dye created a demand for new hues by the consumers. Soon a color war broke out and companies fought to produce the best and brightest colors, even going so far as to steal trade secrets and tie up manufacturers in court. Eventually magenta went out of fashion. Years later it was discovered that the dye had dangerously high levels of arsenic.

Magenta and other new synthetic hues were a favorite of the Fauvist artists around the turn of the century. A short lived art movement that followed impressionism, Fauvism was led by Andre Derain and Henri Matisse. It celebrated pure hues, bold color combinations and for scenes of nature and people. 

Thanks to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) color printing, magenta has a permanent place in history. Thank goodness, because Quinacridone Magenta has become an artist favorite!

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