Color Crush Creative Palette 41: Kaleidoscope

Finally a new palette! And we're changing the format just a bit with more color and new monthly themes. The next two weeks we will be focusing on the bright and playful palette of Kaleidoscope. If you're paying attention to your color theory, you might notice that this is a complementary palette, so easy to use with the potential of creating an eye popping painting. Don't forget to add white to bring balance to your artwork and share using the hashtag #cccpalette41.

The month of May is "Follow the Rainbow" over at True Colors and we have a special introductory selection of five guest artists who have provided outstanding video lessons. Big thank to Erin McCormickMelissa DotyHolly PlattSarah Coey, and Viddhi Kantasaria. They have also stayed on as our True Colors Team, so expect to hear more from them this year as they moderate the Color Crush Creative Club, provide featured articles on the BLOG and become part of the regular featured posts on @colorcrushcreative.

More Color

Learning to see and mix and create beautifully with color is a skill that takes time and practice. You can mix these 8 colors with only 3 tubes of paint plus white. It's all part of the color confidence system I have been developing over the last year with Color Crush Creative. Using a modern color wheel consisting of Cyan, Yellow and Magenta have revolutionized how I see color. You really can mix the most amazing, vibrant colors with very few tubes of paint!

Here are some great formulas: To get the darkest blue, you can add a drop of magenta to cyan. The light blue is just cyan with white. The Bright green is yellow with a tiny drop of cyan and the reverse of that for the teal green. Coral is a perfect mix of yellow, magenta and white while the dark red is magenta with a drop of cyan. Once you start playing with these 3 colors you can see the endless possibility. This doesn't mean you couldn't use paint right from a tube - like alizarin crimson, prussian blue or cobalt teal - they are such fantastic colors all on their own. But the more you know, the more confident you'll become when looking at all those choices!

If you've always wanted to see the palettes in action, the mixing video and how to paint this abstract floral are included in today's video lesson on True Colors!

Kaleidoscope images.jpg

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