Workshop: Technique Tsunami

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This two day event will open a floodgate of exciting new methods for creating mixed media abstract artwork. Join Kellee Wynne as she shares all the secrets to her layered method of acrylic painting on paper. From spray paint to collage and mark making to stencils, this class has it all, including foundation work in color, composition and design. We will learn how to turn your play into a completed work of art. Everything you learn in Technique Tsunami can stand on its own to create new paintings, add new ideas to your personal artwork or bring new life to your personal art journal. Don’t get bogged down in your old routine, let’s shake things up with paint, paper and play!


In both classes we will learn:

  • First marks - deciding how to start your painting.

  • Learn the elements of visual language.

  • Picking colors and mixing them with confidence.

  • Learn how to use layer upon layers of glowing transparent paint.

  • How to work out tricky compositions.

  • What to do when everything goes wrong.

  • Evaluate your own work and put the final touches on your painting.


Day 1:

  • Create organic, loose shapes inspired by nature.

  • Watch paint drip, run and flow with a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol and high flow mediums.

  • Learn new ways to add texture to your work with heavy body mediums.

  • Play with graphite and charcoal and soft pastel to make your mark.

  • Scrape, scratch, scumble and spray wet paint for altered effects.

  • Add touches of oil pastel, water soluble crayon and more.

  • Use multiple stencils and mark making tools all on one painting successfully.


Day 2:

  • Inspiration from unexpected places - peeling paint, old signs, rust and history of time revealing itself

  • Learn how to boldly use collage on your work or subtly hide it in paint to reveal new layers

  • Play with Tar Gel medium to make your own collage papers

  • Use spray paint as a resist or to make bold marks.

  • Use up old supplies like leftover alphabets, rub-ons, chipboard and more

  • Experiment with different types of paint pens and markers.

  • Turn typeface or even your handwriting into another visual element of your artworK


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