Color Crush Creative Palette 39: Happy Dance

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement for me! So may new opportunities and projects are happening that I am doing a "Happy Dance"!! My upcoming art classes at Queen's Ink are filling up and I can't wait to teach my new True Colors painting program. On the horizon - additional new in-person workshops, including traveling locations in 2019. A huge art exhibit in April showing 40+ of my paintings in Annapolis. And finally - new online format for learning all about color and painting coming this spring! I have a lot of reasons to do a Happy Dance, and that is the name of the new palette.

Last week I hit publish on a new color mixing and painting video and everyone seemed to love it. thank you for the great response! Here's the link if you haven't had a chance to see it yet: PLAY VIDEO

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Color Crush Creative Palette 39, Kellee Wynne Studios, Happy Dance.jpg

More Color

On first impact, Happy Dance is an overload of joyous color. I love how the palette came together in theory...but in reality I am finally seeing the biggest pitfall that artists have faced while creating with Color Crush Creative palettes over the last year. Over saturation. Here's my discovery as I worked out the mixing and then turned to paint with the newly whipped up colors - using only six colors is usually hindering the ability to create a balanced, eye pleasing painting. With exception to illustrative artwork, I can see that if you LITERALLY use just the six colors your work will be problematic. Here are a few reasons why I see it happening:

  • Not enough range of value (lights and darks)
  • No variation in intensity (saturated vs. muted)
  • Not enough white space (a place for the eye to rest)
  • Lack of personal expression....

Let me explain the last one. You do not have to take only the six given colors and ignore your intuition. Look again at the inspiration images for any palette over the last 39 palettes and you will see plenty of variation withing the given color palettes. The goal is to be inspired by the colors and let them be the overall dominant pattern, but to create a variance and rhythm all of your own.

Honestly, I am not pleased with the painting I created in this photo. But I wanted to show you what I mean by over saturation - or more importantly, not having a value range. The sky is light but the rest of the colors are very similar in value and intensity. I love rich colors, but I know that it's better to compliment them with some subdued hues to make them pop. I will explore this palette more and see what I can share with you next week.

Try these colors for mixing (and keep mixing to find the right ratios) - Quinacridone Magenta and Phthalo Blue with some white for ALL the shades of purple. Yellow and red and white for the pale orange. Phthalo green with white or Teal with a little yellow and white for the green. Good Luck!

Kellee Wynne Studios Color Crush Creative palette 39, Happy Dance.jpg

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