Color Crush Creative Palette 36: Perfect Day

It's the Perfect Day! Of course, I believe every day is the perfect day if you make up your mind to do so. Today is a little more special for me, though, because it is the 20th anniversary of the day I met my husband. Twenty freaking long years! It's hard to believe, but I'm so happy to have him as my partner for life. There are a few things I've learned about how to have the BEST DAY EVER and it all comes from how you look at life. I wrote down my ideas on this a few years ago and recently shared it in THIS blog post. Might be the boost you are looking for?

I hope you enjoy these (almost springtime) happy colors this week. Read below in "More Color" if you need extra help in color mixing. Please help spread the word about our wonderful creative community by sharing on Instagram using the hashtag #cccpalette36 for this palette or #colorcrushcreative for any creative post and give @colorcrushcreative a shout out! Your post may have a chance to be featured on the Color Crush Creative Instagram and Facebook feeds.

Color Crush Creative Palette 36, Kellee Wynne Studios, Perfect Day.jpg

Sometimes mixing the palette can be a little more tricky than other times. I'm going to try to help guide you through my process in deciphering which colors to use to get the right mix but I hope this plants a seed in you to start visualizing the colors and how to achieve the right hue. It takes practice, but the mor eyou do it, the closer you'll come to being a color master!

You may know by now that I am a huge Golden Acrylic paint fan girl. It's my favorite paint by a long shot. But from time to time I do use other paints. I hope if you use a different brand or different medium you can find the closest match possible to the colors I use. I try to keep with common hues. However, today I tried out using Holbein Acryla Gouache. It was a love/hate experience and I am not sure I would use them again. I also painted something new and out of my comfort zone. Here's to trying new things! But to help you along, I will use the names of common acrylic paint instead of the exotic names of these gouache paints. Here we go:

  • Cadmium red/ pyrolle red,
  • Cadmium yellow med/ Hansa yellow med
  • Green-gold,
  • Grey (or white and black),
  • Turquoise
  • Teal (or white and turquoise)
  • Lots of titanium white
  1. Dusty pink. A little bit of red and a lot of "gray" it out use the tiniest dab of green-gold. The key is to use the opposite color on the color wheel if you want to tone down a color.
  2. Pale orange. Mix a bit of red with yellow (more yellow since red has a strong tint, adjust until you get the right shade, not too pink, not too yellow) and then add a dab of that to a whole lot of white. I told you you'd need a lot of white.
  3. Green - I used green-gold with just a slight bit of teal and white to shift it from being just a bit too yellow. You could use it straight from the tube, though.
  4. Slightly greenish gray and a very light tint at that. I used a light grey from the tube but you could easily mix a tiny bit of black with a lot of white. To change the color to a warmer green-gray, use a tiny, very tiny bit of green-gold. Too much and you'll know right away because it will look more yellow than gray.
  5. Teal, well, right from the bottle and you're probably fine here. Maybe a bit more white. Or a lot of white with a bit of turquoise and you'll get pretty close. Just remember this is not a baby blue, it needs to be on the green-blue spectrum.
  6. Turquoise. But very dark might mean that you should add a tiny bit of red to deepen it. Just be careful or it'' turn purple really quickly.

**Note - acrylic always dries darker than you would expect. Test out your samples and if they do not dry in the shade you were hoping for - it means you need more white. Color mixing takes time a practice, but it's worth it!

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