Color Crush Creative Palette 37: Cross My Heart

You have my heart! All you Crushers taking a risk and sharing your art and putting your heart on the line to share a piece of yourself. It takes courage every day, no matter how long you've been doing this or how many times you've shared your work. So I commend you and I honor the fact that you have joined me on this journey through Color Crush Creative. I truly love this calling and I am in it with all my heart. So this week we are going just plain heart crazy! Paint, doodle, cut, paste, big, small, simple, elaborate, colorful or muted...anything goes, just show me your hearts!

And please, please, show love to others who are sharing their work by taking a moment to leave comments and encouraging words to those who use our hashtags. (#colorcrushcreative & #cccpalette37) And don't forget to tag @colorcrushcreative on your heart posts. Spread the love this week - the smallest gesture can mean a lot!

Color Crush Creative Palette 37, Kellee Wynne Studios, Cross My Heart.jpg

Here's a quick little project for you. I used up some leftover paint from another project on some inexpensive sheets of watercolor paper. Start with a dark color, like indigo or purple and then layer a thick, bright color on top. While the paint is still wet, use the back end of your brush to scratch into the paint. This allows the under layer to show through and makes a great texture. Allow it to dry completely and then cut out hearts. Voila! But remember - there are no color restrictions or rules to follow this week except to make lots of hearts - anyway you wish!

More Color Palette practice, Cross my Heart 37 Kellee Wynne Studios for Color Crush Creative 3.jpg

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