Color Crush Creative palette 18: Mostly Yellow

The Happiest Color of All!

Yellow - the color that sparks hope, cheerfulness and fun, which is exactly what we need in this world right now. What do you know about yellow? It is the most visible color on the spectrum and the human eye processes it first. More flowers are yellow because it's the easiest for bees and pollinators to spot. In almost every culture it represents sunshine and warmth.

Either you love to paint with yellow or you don't. I love it and I feel like we missed highlighting this color while we worked on our Summer of Color - 8 week Color Theory course this year. (Blog posts HERE) So,this week is your chance to explore yellow in all it's happiest forms. Use it alone or with any other color that sparks your interest, just make yellow your priority when you create this week. Don't forget to use the hashtags #colorcrushcreative and #cccpalette18 for this week's color palette.


Color Crush Creative palette 18, Kellee Wynne Studios, Mostly Yellow.jpg


Color Crush Creative palette 18 instagram, Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

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