Color Crush Creative Palette 21: Global Market

Hello artists from all over the world! Our little community is spreading and more people are joining daily, but I still feel like we are creating a close network of friends all over the globe. Just for fun, this week let's imagine we can all get together for an adventure at the souk, bazaar, brocante. mercato, farmer's market, swap meet or whatever you might call your local street market. We'll find treasures, laugh like old friends and grab lunch. And maybe if you'd like we can all pull out our sketchbooks and draw together. Ahhh, in my wildest dreams. But in the meantime, let's meet on Instagram @colorcrushcreative and share a bit of ourselves from all over the world!


Color Crush Creative Palette 22, Kellee Wynne Studios, Global Market.jpg


I think that sometimes you all wish for a little more help with the color mixing. Seeing the colors and knowing how to identify and/or mix them comes with time and practice. I hope you just get your paints out and play. I experimented with mixing up some watercolors this week with the new palette. This is a lesson for me as well in learning how to pick colors for you. So here we go - these are the exact colors I used to make palette number 21 - Global Market:

Violet - a dab of Dioxine purple mixed with plenty of Quinacridone Magenta

Hot Pink - Quinacridone Magenta

Warm Yellow - Diarylide Yellow

Earthy Green - Green-Gold with a touch of Veridian

Light Blue - Cobalt Teal

Dark Grey Blue - Payne's Grey with about 30% Phthalo Blue

All of these colors can be found in the QoR Watercolor set by Golden Paints

Kellee Wynne Studios for Color Crush Creative, color mixing for palette 21, Global market.jpg

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