Color Crush Creative Palette 20: Overgrown

The seasons are changing for those in the northern and southern hemisphere; it's a time associated with all things growing. So, whether you're sowing your seeds or harvesting your crops, this week will be a time to relish in the gift that the earth has given us!

I want to share quote with you from Satish Kumar, a former student of Ghandi's, that I found in Happinez Magazine. It's what inspired my desire to focus on all things from the soil this week in our color palette:

"Learn from the Earth. The Earth is so full of compassion that you only have to put a seed in the ground and the Earth will transform it into thousands of fruits, full of seeds, year after year. That generosity, that duplication, is a gift from the Earth, from the soil."

We have visited green before during our Summer of Color project. If you missed it you can review #cccpalette13:The Good Earth because it is full of links to videos that will help teach you how to make both vibrant and earthy greens. Go for it - paint a garden or paint an abstract, the choice is yours, but show us how you use green!

To give it a soft, Earthy balance I have chosen three paintings and a set of natural baskets for our inspiration images that also include cool gray and light blue and a punch of coral. Use it sparingly and don't forget to use white to give your work room to breathe! Please keep posting your work, either on Instagram, Facebook or in the appropriate place in our Color Crush Club. I would love to share your work, so don't forget to tag @colorcrushcreative and use the hashtags #cccpalette20 for this palette or #colorcrushcreative for any fun post.

Color Crush Creative Palette 20, Kellee Wynne Studios, Overgrown.jpg

Inspiration images by @janeormes @christinabaker1 @windyoconnorart @sistergoldenshop

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