Color Crush Creative Palette 19: One World

It's been a pretty rough week around the world and it doesn't seem to be letting up. The world is on fire and flooded, rocking, shaking, wind blown and sun burnt. Mother nature is still in charge and I don't think she's happy. If you're anything like me, you are overwhelmed and feeling anxious about it all. First, turn off the news, hearing constant updates won't make you feel better. Second breathe, it has been before and it will be again, but you are ok right now. Third, make more art.

I know, that's hard to do at times like these and maybe feels a bit selfish, but creating art not only puts beauty into the world, but it brings you peace and when you are at peace you can be kind and more effective to those in need around you and around the world. It creates a beautiful chain of events when you make art. If you can go volunteer, send money or supplies or find ways to aid in disaster relief, that is wonderful and much needed right now. But, still, make more art. Bring kindness and beauty through small acts as well as large acts.


So, since we are all still determined to create lasting beauty in this world, lets keep working on our weekly color palettes, shall we? This week we will keep the world in our hearts as we work on the color palette aptly named "One World". The art selected is by four artists I really admire and to me, the work represents both the people of this world and the land through map-like formations. I love how they the play off each other in the inspiration images below.

Play with the softer, peaceful colors and notice the white space. Create a gentle beauty in your work and play on the theme of global people and map-like artwork. And if you are inclined, keep a prayer for peace and safety for all of us in your heart. As always, tag @colorcrushcreative and use the hashtags #colorcrushcreative for all creative posts and #cccpalette19 for this week's palette.


Color Crush Creative palette 19, Kellee Wynne Studios, One World.jpg

Inspiration images by @liatnoten @clareyoungs @wyanne & @toddyponddesigns


Are you fascinated by the light and transparent work of Gretchen Warsen (@toddyponddesigns)? She creates on Yupo paper using pencils, pens, watercolor, ink and a myriad of other mixed media supplies. New post about her work available HERE! In the meantime, try out a bit of mark making on Yupo paper yourself:

Yupo, Propylene Paper, 11"x14", 10 sheets

  • White Polyprolyene pad
  • Neutral pH sheets with smooth surface
  • Great for various watercolor techniques
  • Includes 10 strong sheets
  • size 11" x 14"
Yupo paper art supply love with Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

Aqua Markers by Spectrum Noir 12 Count Primary

  • Offers effects of water color, but with the convenience and control of a marker
  • Dual tip marker has flexible brush combined with an ultra-fine tip for outlining and details
  • High quality water based dyes gives flawless, even coverage
  • Acid free and odor less
  • Ergonomic
Spectrum marker art supply love with Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

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