Color Crush Creative Palette 16: True Colors

Can you believe our summer of color is nearly over? Eight weeks of color learning, eight palettes to explore, eight emails of education...and hopefully a much better understanding of color theory. Is your color confidence growing? Are you ready for more? Don't worry, Color Crush Creative isn't going anywhere. We'll still have our weekly color palettes to look forward to and more color loving learning soon!

#cccpalette16: True Colors

Yes, experimenting with grays and black and white was a good experience and necessary! But we are coming back to color again this week. And you have an assignment again...use your favorite color combination! The colors on our sample palette are just for show - you do not need to choose from these six colors. You need to choose your FAVORITE COLORS, the ones that you turn to over and over again, the ones that have become your signature style, the colors that make your artwork sing. There's only one the colors (or more specifically what you used to mix your chosen colors) and which color scheme most closely represents what you are using! Ahhh, see I wanted to know if you really have learned something from Summer of Color! 

You have a cheat sheet to turn to, remember? The blog post I wrote for you about BASIC COLOR THEORY will help guide you through not only the terminology for understanding color theory, it will also give you some pointers on what helps make a good work of art. Use those tips and the info from the blog post, 5 Quick Tips for Instagram Photographs, to snap better pictures of your artwork so that you may be featured on the Instagram feed like so many of our Color Crush participants have throughout our first four months.


Color Crush Creative Palette 16 instagram, Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

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