Color Crush Creative Palette 15: Salt & Pepper

Are you ready to be surprised? I hope I have kept you excited and motivated during this Summer of Color and that today is no exception. I love to see you reach to new heights, even when the color palette is easy, like this new one. I know there is something to learn in the process. 

#cccpalette15: Salt & Pepper

Simply Black and White

Can anything in art just be that: SIMPLE? It's what you make of it and since many artists skip the important step of learning to draw, of learning the language of mark making, line and value, let's start right at the beginning...even if we are already fifteen weeks into this colorful journey with @colorcrushcreative.

Coincidentally Eva Magill Oliver just wrote a poetic blog post about her studio ritual of warming up through line. Here's an excerpt of the post:

"I've always loved the simplicity and directness of line work properly used in artwork. For me, no other element is so basic, yet capable of depicting so much. The first thing I typically do when I enter the studio are line drawings with ink, pencil, or marker. This practice is a mental warm up to start my mind, hand, and eye working together to create. It is a mentally calming and satisfying exercise for me and, in a way, gives me a sense of artistic control and purpose. You start with a blank surface and with simple lines, marks, and gestures, you can create focus, tension, movement, horizons, and silhouettes. You have the power to render something from nothing." Eva Magill Oliver (whole post HERE)

So this week I will give you little instruction, except to explore black and white and the shades in between. That's right - opposite of last week - this time use black! Use charcoal, ink, watercolor, paint, pen, graphite...just get comfortable with the basics again.

Do you need inspiration? Here are two of my Pinterest boards that have mostly black and white artworks. Take a look and follow my account as well!

Art Media: Drawing

Abstract Art: Black and White and Neutral


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