Color Crush Creative Palette 13: The Good Earth

Yes, this week is all about green, what did you expect? And again I couldn't resist naming this week's palette after one of my other favorite books (maybe we'll get through all of them before the year is over!). This week is The Good Earth, named after Pearl S. Buck's famous novel.

We're rounding out the color wheel in our Summer of Color. First week was the entire rainbow, followed by the analogous colors of yellow-orange-red-magenta, then all the violet shades and last week was everyone's favorite and the easiest, blue. But this week we'll work on one of the more difficult colors to master. Don't be afraid of GREEN.

#cccpalette13: The Good Earth

I have found three good videos on You Tube on mixing greens. I've watched quite a few  and returned to these three for a couple reasons. The first video is by Will Kemp Art School and I've spent a good amount of time over the years watching every video he's made to help improve my own acrylic painting skills.

Will Kemp Art School: How to Mix Green Acrylic Paint

The second video is about making a green color chart in watercolor, but I believe this method would be excellent for any type of paint. It's the first time I've seen a chart made this way and I thought it was an excellent idea and would help all artists improve their skills by leaps and bounds.

In Liquid Color with Denise Soden: Color Mixing Series - How to Mix Greens in Watercolor

And the last video is also a watercolor instruction for how to paint greenery in a more interesting way than straight from the tube. I liked this video because it's generally how I like to use color when I paint landscapes or floral or even abstract - right on the canvas! In this video he makes green by only mixing with blue and yellow. I rarely use green from the tube (sometimes green-gold or phthalo green) because I find they usually fall flat. Give this method a try and see what happens with your work!

The Mind of Watercolor: How to Paint More Interesting Greens

The good news is that each of these You Tube channels have many more videos to offer you a wide range of art education for free! Take advantage of the knowledge that's out there and remember that even if it's not the subject you plan to paint, the foundation and fundamentals of painting will help you build skills to create the work you hope to create one day.


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