Color Crush Creative Palette 10: Southwest Heat

Welcome to a Summer of Color!

With the temperatures on the rise all across the world, it seems apropo to start with the warmest colors on our palette. Introducing "Southwest Heat", an analogous color scheme to help you familiarize yourself with yellow, orange, red and magenta and everything in between!

#cccpalette10: Southwest Heat

images by: & @annieeveringham

Now, let me give you some instructions to get you started. If you are not already color confident, your assignment is to just play. If you are color confident, your assignment is also to just play. Don't worry about making a painting. When was the last time you just let the paints splash on the page without a plan?

Get out your favorite paints and start mixing the colors together. If you didn't already do this for Roy G. Biv, now is your time to concentrate on just using a couple colors. You need just three colors plus white to make each of the colors in Southwest Heat. Spend some time mixing, matching and possibly even making a chart to keep track of what happens when you mix different amounts of each paint. There is no right or wrong answer when you are just painting for yourself.

Try these paints:

Cadmium Yellow Light (primrose) or Hansa Yellow Light

Cadmium Red Medium or Pyrrole Red

Quiacradone Magenta


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