Color Crush Creative Palette 8 : Wild Wonderland

Can you believe we are moving into week 8 with this passion project? I have so many fun ideas and projects coming up for you this year. From ecourses, art tips and color mixing guides to more featured artists and exclusives for subscribers. This journey so far has been a great joy every week and I hope this week is no exception! Please continue to share your work and give @colorcrushcreative a boost by mentioning the account or tagging #colorcrushcreative for all colorful or creative posts on your own Instagram account and #cccpalette8 for this week's colors. Also don't hesitate to pin your favorite images from this blog to Pinterest!

And....the new palette is here! Things are heating up around here with summer arriving in full force here on the east coast. This week's palette is a combination of jewel tone colors to remind us of happy summer days. I hope to see your bold, bright and playful works of art full of color filling up the Color Crush Creative feed very soon.

#cccpalette8: Wild Wonderland

images above  by @happinez@amystoneart@maximar_artbymarie & @thejungalow

View of the @colorcrushcreative Instagram Feed

Have you been wondering just how posts are selected for the feed? First, I do pick from a selection of artists that I find, follow and love as I casually scroll through Instagram to help fill out the feed, especially for the first couple days when artists are still warming up to the new colors. Some of these Instagramers I have been a long time admirer, others are new to me, and a few are even my friends in real life.

As for participants in the weekly challenge, I am not looking for the most popular or well known artist. I am specifically searching for how well the colors are used and speak to the overall feel for the weekly theme. Another important factor is how well the image is photographed. I usually look for straight on images with light or white backgrounds. (Read THIS POST for some great photo tips.)

 "Color Crush" Abstract Floral by Kellee Wynne Conrad, acrylic and oil pastel, mixed media

"Color Crush" Abstract Floral by Kellee Wynne Conrad, acrylic and oil pastel, mixed media

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