Color Crush Creative Palette 6: Happy Home

I am so excited to bring you another great week of Color Crush! It's hard to believe how quickly our community and this color palette project is growing. Thank you so much to all who participate and continue to spread the word about all the color goodness we have going on. The more we share the better it will be for everyone. It means more opportunity for recognition, new creative friends to meet all over the world, inspiring ideas and advice, a chance to be the featured artist and even more surprises coming soon for active participants.

Ok, I know what you really want...the new palette! It's bold, it's happy, it makes me think of home. The dark blues are gorgeous and they are our main colors this week, but it's not meant to be a heavy color that weighs your painting down. Balance out your artwork with white or light grey, throw in a splash of coral or yellow and round it out with a touch of teal. I am calling this week's Color Crush palette -

#cccpalette6: Happy Home

Color Crush Creative palette 6, Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

images by @jaimemccarrierart@winkwinkstudio@juliemarriottart, & @freabuckler

(Yes, those are #winkwinkboobies and I LOVE them. Feminine strength reminds me of home more than anything. I really should own an original of hers by now!)

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