Royal Bohemian Collection

Born out of a longing of far reaching parts of the world, I introduce to you a new collection of hand painted ornaments featuring all the little luxuries of a life well lived. Inspired by the regal peacock and silk sari ribbon, the Royal Bohemian Collection is a special touch or the perfect gift for a beautiful holiday. Two styles, Karma and Pavo, are both limited edition for 2017 and when they are gone, they are gone. Collect yours now and have a small hand held work of art from the heart of Kellee Wynne Conrad.

The story of the peacock feathers...I've been saving  the feathers for almost a decade now. They came from a loud and whole unpleasant, if not beautiful, peacock that lived on the property of the home I rented in Southern Belgium. Here are excerpts from the blog posts I wrote at the time on my original blog, 

ENOUGH WITH THE PEACOCK ALREADY - April 25, 2007 - I am going on three nights of relatively no sleep all thanks to the fantastic farm animals. I told you we have cows for neighbors, but did I mention the peacocks? I can deal with the cheese factory churning all night, I understand the rooster will crow and the crack of dawn, but a peacock in my tree screaming like a hurt child at 3am is NOT acceptable! Ever since Easter morning this bird has been carrying on and now has found a comfortable spot in the tree in our yard. The boys seem to sleep through it, David claims he isn't bothered, and even my landlord, Vincent, has no issues with the howling bird. But I just can't sleep through the noise. I'm surprised I can even write a coherent sentence, you have no idea how many times I've had to spell check already. Seriously, I think I had better sleep with newborns, and you all know how terribly my newborns slept!

So, I implore you, no I beg you, please find me a solution (short of running it over with my car) to rid my yard of the peacock! I'm searching the internet and hitting all the wrong sights because I can not find an answer to my problem. I think I may just go take a'd be surprised at how quiet and serene it is here during the day! Seriously, if you loved me at all you would join my secret society A.P.P.P.L. (Anti-Peacock People for a Peaceful Life, or said like apple) and help me get rid of the peacock for good! Then when we have accomplished our main objective we'll move on to more serious issues, like how to reverse global warming, decreasing  our dependency on all petroleum based products, eliminating hydrogenated oils and MSG from our food for good, solving the dying bee issue, and then of course how to stop David from snoring (which also keeps me up at night, but not nearly as bad as the peacock!) Thank you for your time to let me rant, I promise I will fill you in on more important issues later!

KELLEE ONE, PEACOCK ZERO - May 20, 2008 - Maybe my sensibility was off, maybe I've become cold-hearted, maybe I'm the boss and not the peacock! But last night against my better judgment I released a very excitable dog on that peacock who dared to wander back into my yard! And I forgot that the gate was still open, so...
Rest assured the peacock is still alive, although he may need therapy for the rest of his life. My reward for the dog's hard work is a collection of ALL of the peacock's beautiful feathers. Lucky me. And lucky peacock that this was his mechanism for survival. This bird shoots out all his feathers when he is in danger in order to move faster, otherwise I fear Echo would have had him for dinner for sure (and I might have felt guilty). I'm betting that that maybe the last I see of the peacock in my y
ard, at least for this season!

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