Your Best Year 2018

About a year ago I had just about had enough of being in business for myself. Creative entrepreneurship was kicking my ass and I felt like all I was doing was spinning my wheels trying to make things work. I was chasing fireflies. Every time I got close enough to catch a dream, the light would go out and I'd be lost in the dark again. I had tried everything from curating to mentoring, from a New York City exhibit to working with interior designers, but no one thing was the answer that pushed me over the top. I had plateaued. And I was frustrated. I wanted to quit everything.

"I was chasing fireflies. Every time I got close enough to catch a dream, the light would go out and I'd be lost in the dark again."

Then I discovered Your Best Year by Lisa Jacobs. Instead of chasing dreams, I started planning them out. Instead of reaching for the next shiny object, I could analyze what worked and what didn't. Using her beautifully laid out workbook, I was able to see what was time well spent and where I was wasting energy on the things that didn't matter. It was a game changer. I finally had a guide book to help me not only set goals, but to figure out what it was that I wanted in the first place.

So I did QUIT. I quit wasting time, I quit making excuses, and I quit working on projects that did not propel me in the direction of my goals. It was like a light finally went on after all the years I had invested in my art business. Your Best Year really did that for me! From the workbook and goal planner came a clear path on what I felt compelled to paint, who my ideal customer would be, how I wanted to create a financially sustainable business, my true desire to teach artists and my passion project, Color Crush Creative.

I have continued to work with Lisa Jacobs because her advice resonates with me. She not only gets the creative entrepreneur, but she is real and oh so relate-able. Full disclosure - I am a member of Lisa Jacobs' Luminaries Club, an affiliate and I have been using and implementing all of her marketing education. But you should know something about me, I am a skeptic and I don't jump on board with the next big business guru...I stick with the one I know speaks to my heart and my common senses. That's Lisa Jacobs. Marketing Creativity is geared towards artists and makers and that's why it works for me.

I believe every artist should own Your Best Year 2018.

 The new year is right around the corner and a new edition of Your Best Year is ready for download. I can't recommend it enough. It's affordable, inspirational, well thought out and you don't have to wait. You can start Your Best Year now...

Your Best Year 2018 includes: 

  • Prompts, goal-setting exercises, goal-prioritizing exercises and tough questions that MUST be answered in order to create results.
  • Trackers and review to help you make the most of your time with high-efficiency and focus.
  • A place to capture your wins each month, a record of review, a focus on the five pillars, a record of memorable moments, improved habit and performance trackers, a revolutionary goal-setting system, a revolutionary goal-setting worksheet, and a mix of instruction and application.
  • Refreshers on the fundamentals: what to focus on, how to make progress, how to get your goals.
  • Monthly calendar spreads.
  • Introductory chapters that will help you make the most of every season of your life.
  • Examples for every worksheet. No more guessing what an exercise means, examples follow each exercise or instruction.
  • Instructions on how to use this workbook.
  • Decision-making tools that will launch you into the leader’s circle.
  • Vision for success worksheets and creative prompts.
  • Fear-naming exercises and helpful insight.
  • Motivational worksheets to keep your engine running and your creative juices flowing all year long.
  • Monthly tracking tools, weekly reviews, unfinished business eliminators, daily scorecards, and more!

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