Color Crush Creative Palette 22: Simple Pleasures

Are you ready to indulge in a few of your favorite things? That's where my heart is at this week while featuring my absolute favorite color: TEAL. Sometimes when life feels a bit overwhelming or the struggle gets a bit more than I can take, I fall back to Simple Pleasures. It's in the small things that gratitude grows big and life feels a bit more beautiful.

What are your simple pleasures? Oh sure we could make lists that include our favorite yoga pants and designer bags, the new paint and brushes or even the eco friendly, locally made, artisan _______ (fill in the blank), and they are all fun treats, but the true joy comes in noticing beauty in little things, in the gifts we get daily for free. Here are a few of my Simple Pleasures right now: the way the sun shines through the window in the late afternoon on my indoor plants, the way the overgrown basil smells every time I pass through my front door, when my youngest son laughs out loud hysterically, Savasana after an hour of yoga, dining al fresco with friends, the new Jack Johnson album, cool autumn air, poetry, you (for reading my emails every week!) list is much longer than this, but you get the idea. Wanting more doesn't always make us happy, but focusing on Simple Pleasures and filling ourselves with gratitude sure can help us be in the moment and far more content with life.

Now it's your turn. Make your own list and as you create with this gorgeous color palette this week allow the little things in life to fill you up in a big way. Spread that happiness on social media. Use the hashtag #cccpalette22 for these colors and #colorcrushcreative for any creative post. Give @colorcrushcreative a shout out when you post so that everyone knows how awesome our community is and what you're currently working on. I couldn't do this at all without you!


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Color Crush Creative Palette 22 instagram, Kellee Wynne Studios, Simple Pleasures.jpg


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