Color Crush Creative Palette 23: Celebration

I'm so excited for this week because it's about to happen!! We are about to hit 10,000 followers on Instagram! So it's time for a celebration....a celebration of you and all that you do to help grown the community and grow your art practice. I am so grateful for this opportunity to share and interact with you on a daily basis. I am happy to provide creative ideas and helpful information for all the new and seasoned artists out there. I hope this journey has been a fun one for you as well.

In the coming months Color Crush Creative will be offering more products to stay sustainable and give you the art education and community you want and deserve. I will continue to provide this awesome newsletter and the great content on Instagram and in our Facebook Club for you with out cost or obligation. But for those who are seeking more, I will be offering some exciting products that will help you on your journey as an artist. In the meantime, all this is just for you this week...see the Giveaway below and make sure you participate!

As for your art practice, we have a very colorful palette once again, but can you blame me? It's a celebration! Remember these key things:

  • You don't have to use all the colors, pick what speaks to you
  • Vary the amount of the colors you use, think "gallon, pint, cup, tablespoon" for proportions.
  • Use white to give your work some breathing space!!
  • If you're stuck on what to create, use the images as a jumping point for new ideas
  • Take clear, bright photos on a white background for a better chance to be featured.
  • Share your work! Use #cccpalette23 when you post on Instagram so I can find you and possible re-share your artwork on our instagram feed: @colorcrushcreative
Color Crush Creative Palette 23, Kellee Wynne Studios, Celebration.jpg

I'm so excited to share with you some of the products that I have been suggesting for the last few months in the emails. The winner of the Big Giveaway will receive the following items that are linked to Amazon and photographed below. Please review the rules of the giveaway to make sure you qualify:

1. Follow Color Crush Creative on Instagram (@colorcrushcreative)

2. Be a subscriber to Color for Your Inbox, the weekly newsletter.

3. Forward the first email you receive to at least two creative friends, and include in the forwarding CC so that it can be recorded.

4. Keep your eyes out this week for bonus chances to win other prizes!

That's all! Anyone over the age 18 can participate. Giveaway closes 11:59pm EST, Friday Oct. 13, 2017. I will ship the winning prize to anywhere in the world. None of the products that you will receive are provided by or sponsored by the manufactures. Instagram is not affiliated with this giveaway, nor is Amazon. This is solely from my heart to yours. I am grateful to each and everyone of you who participate in the Color Crush Creative palette project each week. Thank you so much. I believe together we are making something fantastic! ***Giveaway is now closed***

Color Crush Giveaway with Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

As we grow the Color Crush Creative community, those who stand out have a chance to be featured on Instagram or as the weekly featured artist. Those who subscribe to COLOR FOR YOUR INBOX will get the weekly color combination two days earlier than everyone else. Who doesn't want a two day jump start to play and post their colorful projects?