Color Crush Creative Palette 6: Happy Home

I am so excited to bring you another great week of Color Crush! It's hard to believe how quickly our community and this color palette project is growing. Thank you so much to all who participate and continue to spread the word about all the color goodness we have going on. The more we share the better it will be for everyone. It means more opportunity for recognition, new creative friends to meet all over the world, inspiring ideas and advice, a chance to be the featured artist and even more surprises coming soon for active participants.

If you are just catching up with us now, look at how beautiful this week's Instagram feed turned out using Color Palette 5:

Instagram feed @colorcrushcreative


Have you been wondering just how posts are selected for the feed? First, I do pick from a selection of artists that I find, follow and love as I casually scroll through Instagram to help fill out the feed, especially for the first couple days when artists are still warming up to the new colors. Some of these Instagramers I have been a long time admirer, others are new to me, and a few are even my friends in real life.

As for participants in the weekly challenge, I am not looking for the most popular or well known artist. I am specifically searching for how well the colors are used and speak to the overall feel for the weekly theme. Another important factor is how well the image is photographed. I usually look for straight on images with light or white backgrounds. (Read THIS POST for some great photo tips.) Look at the image above and you will see a very curated feed that will catch the eye of newcomers and help grow the Color Crush brand.

Ok, I know what you really want...the new palette! It's bold, it's happy, it makes me think of home. The dark blues are gorgeous and they are our main colors this week, but it's not meant to be a heavy color that weighs your painting down. Balance out your artwork with white or light grey, throw in a splash of coral or yellow and round it out with a touch of teal. I am calling this week's Color Crush palette -

#cccpalette6: Happy Home

Color Crush Creative palette 6, Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

images by @jaimemccarrierart@winkwinkstudio@juliemarriottart, & @freabuckler

(Yes, those are #winkwinkboobies and I LOVE them. Feminine strength reminds me of home more than anything. I really should own an original of hers by now!)

And finally, feel free to post your artwork now using the new color palette and hashtag #cccpalette6 -  And don't forget to help make the hashtag #colorcrushcreative trend by using it on all your colorful posts! Help grow our community by sharing on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest!

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My Favorite Supplies for Acrylic Painting


What Supplies Do I Need to Start Acrylic Painting?

I'm asked often about what supplies I use to create my artwork. So I am going to give you a run down of my favorite acrylic painting supplies. So, what do I use? I love Golden acrylic paints. I work fast and in thin layers, so usually I turn to Golden Fluid Paint the most. I often follow up with Golden Heavy Body for details or texture. All of these paints have a very high pigment load and can resist fading over time, an important thing if you want your painting to last.



It’s really tempting when you are just beginning an artistic path to buy inexpensive or student grade paints and supplies. You might think that because you are new at this, inexperienced, or unsure of your skills that you should start out with the cheapest set of paint available. STOP. If your intention is to continue to learn and grow as an artist, then buy the best you can afford, no excuses. Yep, go for the good stuff first and you’ll be much happier.

Why? Because you will paint better. Seriously? Professional grade paints are formulated with a higher pigment load. That means that the amount of color added is a higher density and quality. In fact, you will probably find that you need less paint because a little bit will cover more space and you’ll struggle less to create the painting you set out to accomplish.


Golden Paints

I can't get enough of these paints. After I complete my first few layers in Golden Fluid paint, I love to come back in with the Heavy Body acrylic to add texture and details. In GOLDEN's own words, here is why they are the best:

Heavy Body paints are known for their exceptionally smooth, buttery consistency. The Heavy Body palette includes the largest assortment of unique pure pigments in a 100% acrylic emulsion available to professional artists. These colors offer excellent permanency and lightfastness. There are no fillers, extenders, opacifiers, toners, or dyes added.
Each Heavy Body color formula reflects the qualities of its pigment. Colors that tolerate a higher pigment load dry to a more opaque, matte finish. Colors that are more reactive and do not allow as much pigment loading tend to have a glossier, more transparent, finish. Because Heavy Body colors contain no matting agents, the gloss of each color will be different. 
Art Info, My favorite Art Supplies for Acrylic Painting by Kellee Wynne Studios Golden Paint Color Theory set.jpg

Golden Fluid Paint is not the same as craft paint you can find at the hobby store for a couple of bucks each. The intensity of the color and versatility of the consistency is why they have become my all time favorite paint. I love that many of the colors are transparent and that helps with my particular technique of layering colors. In GOLDEN's own words, here is what they say about fluid paint:

GOLDEN Fluid paints equal the intensity of GOLDEN Heavy Body Acrylics but with an even, flowing characteristic useful for dry brush application, fine details, pouring, spraying (particularly when mixed with GOLDEN Airbrush Medium), staining techniques and many others.
Fluids are created by loading an acrylic polymer binder with concentrated levels of quality pigments for a wide selection of permanent and lightfast colors. No fillers or extenders are added to achieve the desired consistency, nor is the fluid quality achieved with additional water. GOLDEN Fluid Acrylics have the same pigment load as the Heavy Body Acrylics, but in a viscosity similar to heavy cream. Fluids allow for smooth flowing applications while retaining color intensity, tinting strength, film integrity, and adhesion.
Fluids blend easily with all acrylic colors, and readily tint gels, mediums, gessoes and grounds. Fluid Acrylics are extremely versatile, and ideal for fine brushwork, glazing, staining, water media techniques and many more. Mix Fluid Acrylics with Airbrush Medium for airbrush application of artwork including textiles.

Experiment with Mediums

There are so many mediums you can mix into your paints to make glazes, new textures or keep it wet longer. You really only need water to start with for washing and occasionally thinning out your paint. Be careful how much water you add because it weakens the paint and over time the paint would be more likely to crack, especially for the thicker layers. I like to use a liquid gloss or matte medium to add to my paint when I want to thin or extend the coverage of my paint. And when the work is done and completely dry, I like to put a final varnish to protect the paint from the sun and dirt and just give it a really finished look.

Art Info, My favorite Art Supplies for Acrylic Painting by Kellee Wynne Studios Golden Mediums.jpg

Favorite Brushes

Brushes are a matter of trial and error. For acrylic I suggest synthetic bristles and a long handle. I chose Princeton Catalyst brushes because they are a bit stiffer and can hold up to the vigorous wear I put them under. Generally speaking, a better brush will last longer. If you are picking them out in person look to see if the ferrule is secure. That is the metal part clamped onto the wood handle. And look to see if the hairs of the brush are still straight and even. You will have to decide if you want a stiff or a soft brush, square or round, small or large...all through experiment and play. In Princeton's own words:

Catalyst™ Polytip Bristle brushes are another Princeton breakthrough that advances the science of synthetic hair. This new series is super stiff yet still extremely responsive. Unlike natural hog bristle, Catalyst™ has real integrity in water. Natural bristle can be rendered useless when it is water-soaked. The true advance in Catalyst™ is the Polytip feature. For the first time, the tip of each individual hair has been split to replicate the natural flags on the finest natural bristle. By giving each individual hair 2 to 3 distinct tips, Catalyst™ is able to hold a higher volume of paint while providing a smoother application. Designed for use with medium to heavy-bodied acrylics and oil paints, Catalyst™ pushes even heavy gel media with assurance. Catalyst™ Polytip Bristle brushes truly are tools that move paint.

Painting Surfaces

Ready made canvases are the best option because they are durable and have come down significantly in price over the years. I prefer thick gallery wrapped canvas because I can paint the sides and hang my work without a frame. I watch for mega sales at Michael’s and buy as much as I can fit in my van. Buying online is a good option as well, but there are surcharges if you ever want an extra large sized canvas. No matter where I get my canvas, I always give the canvas an extra coat of gesso before I begin my painting. Cheap gesso is thick and clumpy and defeats the purpose of a smooth surface. You can also gesso high quality watercolor paper as another option for a painting surface. Just remember that usually paper must be framed and that is another added cost.


Liquitex: Another Great Option

Alright, as much as I am a GOLDEN girl, sometimes I switch things up. Liquitex is also a great paint and they have a variety of colors that sometimes differ from what I can find with GOLDEN Paint. Sometimes I find the paint a little gritty, but I love their Titanium White for my cloud paintings because it's a stiffer paint and holds it's shape better when I want to create a stronger texture.

Art Info, My favorite Art Supplies for Acrylic Painting by Kellee Wynne Studios Liquitex Vibrant Heavy Body paint
Kellee Wynne Conrad acrylic abstract florals ecourse.jpg

Supply List Made Easy from Amazon


Give Golden a Try with this Affordable Sample Set

5, 1 oz tubes of Golden Heavy Body Acrylic (Hansa Yellow Medium, Quinacridone Magenta, Ultramarine Blue, Iridescent Gold Fine, and Titanium White)
3, 1 oz tubes of Golden Open Acrylic (Alizarin Crimson Hue, Phthalo Blue GS, and Indian Yellow Hue)
5, 0.5 oz bottles of Golden Fluid Acrylic (Hansa Yellow Light, Quinacridone/Nickle Azo Gold, Green Gold, Teal, and Titanium White)
3, 0.5 oz bottles of Golden High Flow Acrylic (Indigo (Anthraquinone), Fluorescent Pink, and Iridescent Silver Fine)
2 oz Clear Tar Gel, 2 oz Soft Gel (Gloss),2 oz Heavy Gel (Matte), 2 oz Light Molding Paste, 2 oz Crackle Paste, 2 oz Glass Bead Gel, 2 oz Fiber Paste, 2 oz Absorbent Ground (White), 2 oz Acrylic Ground for Pastels, 2 oz Acrylic Glazing Liquid (Gloss), 2 oz Polymer Medium (Gloss), 2 oz Matte Medium, 2 oz Open Thinner

Final Disclaimer

As with anything in art, once you've learned the rules, you can throw them all out! Can you paint with house paint? What about drawing with coffee stain? Can you paint on found wood? Or an old book? What if you add beach sand to wet paint or glue in an old train ticket? What if you really like cheap student paint?

The answer then becomes YES once again! Know your material then experiment. If you are going to use non-conventional materials, learn how to make sure they are properly sealed and varnished to protect them and ensure they will last through your lifetime. Go for wild ideas and enjoy the process!

Enjoy the Journey,


Color Crush Creative Palette 5: Island Punch

Color Crush Creative Palette 5: Island Punch

Ready for the reveal!? Welcome this delicious, candy color palette. Refreshing and certainly should be an easy palette to create with. Use it to inspire your latest art project, collage, fiber art, painting, digital design, photography - go for it! And then share it with us on Instagram using the hashtag #cccpalette5 for this week's colors and #colorcrushcreative for any colorful post. 

Art Journal Love with Fatima Bano

Art Journal Love with Fatima Bano

She's a mixed media artist from Singapore who is not afraid to express herself with vibrant colors and bold marks. If you're having a hard time getting started with Color Crush Creative's weekly color palette project, then try out this great idea that Fatima had to try out the color combinations in an art journal. Art journals are not only great practice, but also a way to take the pressure off yourself as you explore new ideas.

5 Quick Tips for Better Instagram Photos

5 Quick Tips for Better Instagram Photos

Let's face it, if you want your Instagram feed to stand out, you need to take better photos. You don't need a fancy camera, or elaborate equipment.  You don't need to be a designer or a stylist. And you don't have to spend all day taking the perfect photo, but you do need bright, clear and consistent photos if you want your work to be eye-catching.

First, since you're posting to Instagram, it makes sense to just use your phone camera. These days most smartphones have cameras that rival a digital camera. And you can edit the image and post directly to your account once you have the perfect shot. Ok, here are a few quick things you can do that will make all the difference in your social media game:

Color Crush Creative Palette 3: Aruba Afternoon

Color Crush Creative Palette 3: Aruba Afternoon

This is Week Three and we are cooling things down a bit with this aqua inspired color palette. Calm and refreshing and colors nearly everyone will love to work with: turquoise, aqua and soft neutrals. They are not only easy on the eyes but easy to make successful artwork. Posts on Instagram that stand out will be featured on the Color Crush Creative Instagram feed. Take heed to the dominant color of this week's palette and make sure you photograph your artwork straight on using indirect sunlight for best results. Adjust the brightness with your editing app if you need to. More tips on taking great photographs for social media coming to the blog later this week!

Color Crush Creative Palette 2: Pretty in Pink

Color Crush Creative Palette 2: Pretty in Pink

Now, let's get on with the color palette for WEEK TWO! It's bright and full of spring life. Notice the pinks are berry colors and lean towards violet. For higher key colors, use light lemon yellow, leafy green and sky blue. And for value, we have a nice grey blue for accent. Can't wait to see what you create this week! Don't for get to use the hashtag #cccpalette2 for this week's project and #colorcrushcreative for all colorful posts! Plus, be kind and share this post on Pinterest and Social Media.

Color Crush Creative: Week One

Color Crush Creative: Week One

Welcome to the new color palette project by Kellee Wynne Studios where color and creativity collide to bring you weekly inspiration. Welcome to WEEK ONE and the first color palette for you to play with. Use this as a starting point for any creative project that you've been craving to create: paint, illustrate, stitch, weave, photograph, sculpt, assemble, decorate, digitize, accessorize, visualize....go wild with ideas and then share your work with the world! 

Diary of a Resident Artist

Diary of a Resident Artist

Throughout my time in the Thrive Residency Program at Jordan Faye Contemporary I have regularly shared my thoughts about the experience on social media, both Instagram and Facebook. It has been encouraging to have a large audience willing to listen to my rambles and give me feedback. The support of people I have never met has been inspiring and helped me through my excitement and my doubts. I am sharing with you a few of my posts from the last eight months.

10 Steps to Start Instagram for Artists

10 Steps to Start Instagram for Artists

Let’s talk about social media for a moment. I love Instagram. It's easy to use and I find people are more generous with their communications than on other social media forums. Many of you are already using Instagram, but I have noticed that you don't have as many followers as you deserve to have. So let me share a few things I have found to work in my Instagram practice, much of which can be applied to all forms of social media, so take note….