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Image inspiration by @nadeaustudio and @eibhilincrossanart


I wanted to take some time to explore something meaningful with you. I want to talk about purpose, about our true calling, about our soul's work. We've worked on color confidence, and now I would love to fill a few of those gaps in personal confidence. The calling to be an artist can be a joy and overwhelming at the same time. How do we do it?

I want to tell you the BIG SECRET TO SUCCESS as an artist - there is none. Nope, there is not one way that will make the difference, there are a million, but it starts with YOU. Instead of a (non-existent) magic solution I'd like to remind you that we are all works in progress and you are good enough. To paraphrase Elle Luna...You have arrived at the crossroads of should and must. Honor that calling, choose MUST.

So, here it goes, on the @colorcrushcreative Instagram feed we will be focusing on behind the scenes of our creative journey. Share your paint palettes, your art supplies, your studios, your not quite completed artwork and especially YOU in the creative process with your work. Seek a place this week where you can be present in the process and accept that you are good enough, right here and now, in your creative journey. Enjoy being an Artist!!

The Crossroads of Should and Must:Find and Follow Your Passion by Elle Luna

The Crossroads of Should and Must by Elle Luna on Art Book Love with Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg


If you are still seeking some creative help, I have to share a couple favorite inspirational books for creatives. I wasn't expecting to be blown away by BIG MAGIC, but I was. It really taps into what it means to be an artist, a creative being, with a purpose. Its a must read for all of you! (Plus a few of my other favorites listed below.)

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, art book love on Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg
The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp for Art Book Love with Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

As we grow the Color Crush Creative community, those who stand out have a chance to be featured on Instagram or as the weekly featured artist. Those who subscribe to COLOR FOR YOUR INBOX will get the weekly color combination two days earlier than everyone else. Who doesn't want a two day jump start to play and post their colorful projects?

Color Crush Creative Palette 16: True Colors

Can you believe our summer of color is nearly over? Eight weeks of color learning, eight palettes to explore, eight emails of education...and hopefully a much better understanding of color theory. Is your color confidence growing? Are you ready for more? Don't worry, Color Crush Creative isn't going anywhere. We'll still have our weekly color palettes to look forward to and more color loving learning soon!

#cccpalette16: True Colors

Yes, experimenting with grays and black and white was a good experience and necessary! But we are coming back to color again this week. And you have an assignment again...use your favorite color combination! The colors on our sample palette are just for show - you do not need to choose from these six colors. You need to choose your FAVORITE COLORS, the ones that you turn to over and over again, the ones that have become your signature style, the colors that make your artwork sing. There's only one the colors (or more specifically what you used to mix your chosen colors) and which color scheme most closely represents what you are using! Ahhh, see I wanted to know if you really have learned something from Summer of Color! 

You have a cheat sheet to turn to, remember? The blog post I wrote for you about BASIC COLOR THEORY will help guide you through not only the terminology for understanding color theory, it will also give you some pointers on what helps make a good work of art. Use those tips and the info from the blog post, 5 Quick Tips for Instagram Photographs, to snap better pictures of your artwork so that you may be featured on the Instagram feed like so many of our Color Crush participants have throughout our first four months.

Art Supply Love

As a review I am recommending my two favorite paint sets for you to bust out the color! The paint from Golden Paints is always my favorite, so I can't recommend them enough. If you really want to up your game and find yourself much more satisfied with your own painting abilities, then start with good paint. A higher pigment load and better blending ability will mean you will find success faster than when you use student grade paints. So, here are my favorites for acrylic paint and watercolor paint...

Golden Paints Heavy Body Heavy Body Classic Theory Color Mixing Set of 8

As we grow the Color Crush Creative community, those who stand out have a chance to be featured on Instagram or as the weekly featured artist. Those who subscribe to COLOR FOR YOUR INBOX will get the weekly color combination two days earlier than everyone else. Who doesn't want a two day jump start to play and post their colorful projects?

Mark Making Love with Inge Flinte

Introducing Inge Flinte of @thinkingwithouttalking

Expressive marks and colorful details is what Inge Flinte is all about. An artist and photographer from New Zealand, Inge interprets the world around her in an art form she calls 'notetaking' - capturing moments of interaction in painted forms. We've loved connecting with Inge through the @colorcrushcreative account. If you're wondering how to find your own art tribe, Inge says Instagram is a game changer.

Connecting with other creatives is an amazing way to be part of a community and to get feedback on what you’re doing. Instagram has been such a game changer for me in finding an artistic community to interact with.

Take  look at Inge Flinte's Art Process:

Keep making - Keep practicing - Keep going. This is how Inge approaches her art practice. Its so easy to overthink and over analyse a potential piece before even sitting down to paint, so the best thing Inge does when she's feeling stuck is to just start painting and not be afraid to make mistakes. Not everything is going to look great and she's liberated by knowing that's okay. 

Inge also has no problem with experimenting with different tools, paints, colors, and mediums. She's willing to scribble. All this room for discovery can really help an artist break out of a creative rut. Inge says, "My favourite tool at the moment is the top from the Golden Fluid Acrylic bottles!"

Mark Making Love with Inge Flinte for Kellee Wynne Studios and Color Crush Creative artist spotlight, creative process 20.jpg

A Few Fun Things You Should Know About Inge:

1. Inge went to art school and work as both a photographer and painter. She had a few years after art school where she produced very little work as she began to overthinking her approach to making art. Its only in the last three years where Inge refocused herself on her studio practice and being an artist.

2. The world that surrounds Inge is the major influence in her artwork - from the explosion of green in her garden, to the scuff marks left behind on walls; showing the residue of lives lived. She is drawn to observing and recording these interactions.

 3. You could say that Inge is obsessed with light - she loves how its presence and absence can transform a space and its a major influence in both her photography and painting.

4. She loves to switch up painting styles every now and then. It allows her to both experiment with new techniques and keeps from getting bored.

5. Inge's painting practice is about finding a balance - in a visual sense between serendipitous and intentional marks; and between the chaos of everyday life and her art. 

Find out more about Inge Flint on her website:

Your Turn: Make Your Own Mark

Do you find yourself in a creative rut or over thinking your next move? Try some of Inge's techniques. Use scraps of paper that are not precious and don't worry about the outcome, just try a bit of everything.

Use random objects as tools, mix art supplies you wouldn't think to put together, look around where you live for a color or pattern or detail to instigate your next mark...just don't think too much about it before you make your next move. Be spontaneous!

INGE FLINTE Art gallery:

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Color Crush Creative Palette 14: Softer Side

Color Crush Creative Palette 14: Softer Side

Hello Color Lover! I'm so glad to have you here with me on this journey. Another colorful week has arrived and we have worked our way around the color wheel during our Summer of Color. Each week we have been exploring a new concept in color theory to help you gain better color confidence. I hope you have found the information valuable so far and are willing to give yourself another challenge again this week as we soften things from our saturated palettes of the previous weeks to something more subdued.

How to Have the Best Day Ever

Another week has come and gone and another chance at having the best week ever. And EVERY week is the best week ever because every week is another chance to love, laugh, live and breathe. But it takes work! Effort must be made every day to make it the best day in order to live your best life.

 I think everyone could use a little nudge, so today I am introducing “Best Day Ever”. These are six simple things to make your day a better day. If you have a happy day today, by the end of the week you’ll have a bunch of happy days and end up having the best week ever. Soon you will find you’ve had a few great weeks and before you know it you’ll have the happy life you’ve been looking for all along….simple mathematics.

These are my simple principles for letting go and leaning in to a better life....

1. Be in the moment. 

Every morning is an opportunity to wake with a fresh start. Let go of yesterday’s mistakes and tomorrow’s worries; you have a chance to get it right today. This is a new day full of possibilities – be present for it.

2. Approach others with objectivity. 

Scientists are responsible for putting aside their biases and beliefs to see the world as it really is. This is objectivity. Rather than being irritated, easily offended, stuck in your ways or judging others; choose open mindedness. Aren’t we all just trying to make our way through a chaotic world?

3. Accomplish something meaningful. 

You’ll feel better when you cross at least one thing off your to-do list and even better about the day if you make it meaningful. If you have goals and dreams, see yourself closer to them by doing something with purpose today.

4. Share the love. 

Take time to connect with the people in your life. The more love you give, the more love you have.

5. Go with gratitude. 

Say thank you, thank you, thank you for this day. When you focus all your thoughts on what’s right, even if it’s the smallest of goodness to be found, you cannot help changing your whole outlook. Gratitude will create a beautiful life.

6. Laugh often. 

Laugh out loud. Laugh until you can’t breathe. And don’t forget to smile while you’re at it….

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities,
in the expert’s mind there are few.
— Shunryu Suzuki

I've found a magical way to start off on the right foot every morning. I have fallen in love with poetry and inspirational reading. It makes my heart sing. Here are a few of my favorites from my reading list:

The Prophet by Khalil Gibran

Why I Wake Early: New Poems by Mary Oliver

Upstream: Selected Essays by Mary Oliver

Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Do you have any great words of wisdom to add? How do you have the best day ever? Please leave a comment below! or send me a message:

Color Crush Creative Palette 13: The Good Earth

Color Crush Creative Palette 13: The Good Earth

Yes, this week is all about green, what did you expect? And again I couldn't resist naming this week's palette after one of my other favorite books (maybe we'll get through all of them before the year is over!). This week is The Good Earth, named after Pearl S. Buck's famous novel.

We're rounding out the color wheel in our Summer of Color. First week was the entire rainbow, followed by the analogous colors of yellow-orange-red-magenta, then all the violet shades and last week was everyone's favorite and the easiest, blue. But this week we'll work on one of the more difficult colors to master. Don't be afraid of GREEN.

Color Crush Creative Palette 12: Cote d'Azur

Color Crush Creative Palette 12: Cote d'Azur

When is blue just blue? As we jump into our 4th week of The Color of Summer, an 8 week color theory program, we are going to explore everything blue. It's your favorite color, right? For most artists, this is usually the most used color, and yet there was a time that humans didn't even have a word for the color blue! In fact it was the Egyptians that were the first to manufacture a blue dye from lapis lazuli mined in the Afghan region. You can read more about the history of the color blue in this great web article HERE.

Color Theory Basics with Color Crush Creative

Color Theory Basics with Color Crush Creative

The science, history and art behind color is fascinating. It's a subject that never bores me, in fact I have dozens of books just on color alone. I could ramble for ages, but I'm going to assume that you just want the facts today. Color Theory is still an evolving idea of how we use, see and relate to color; even color can create controversy with its theories. For all intensive purposes we're going to stick with the basic color wheel originating from Sir Issac Newton with Red, Yellow and Blue as our primary colors. I'll leave the other theories for a discussion at a later date.

Color Crush Creative Palette 10: Southwest Heat

Color Crush Creative Palette 10: Southwest Heat

With the temperatures on the rise all across the world, it seems apropo to start with the warmest colors on our palette. Introducing "Southwest Heat", an analogous color scheme to help you familiarize yourself with yellow, orange, red and magenta and everything in between!

Now, let me give you some instructions to get you started. If you are not already color confident, your assignment is to just play. If you are color confident, your assignment is also to just play. Don't worry about making a painting. When was the last time you just let the paints splash on the page without a plan?

Color Crush Creative Palette 9: Roy G. Biv

Color Crush Creative Palette 9: Roy G. Biv

I think I take color for granted because I've been painting and working with color for over 25 years. Only after looking back at my early experience can I see where I started and how much of a struggle I went through to see color and understand how it works.

My goal is to help you feel good about creating and sharing your original art, to include color mixing, value, composition and technique. So, this week I am launching a special 8 week color project to focus on color education, mixing and creating with color confidently. Are you ready for a Summer of Color?