Color Crush Creative Palette 45: Sunrise to Sunset

Turn up the heat! At least I think someone has around here because it is one hot summer here in the north half. That's ok, what better excuse that to stay inside where it's cool with all your art supplies? It's perfectly fine to get lost playing indoors. Are you making anything new, exploring fun concepts, challenging yourself to keep creating even when the lull of summer is here?

If you are in a rut or need some motivation, then I have the perfect solution for you - Seascape Escape! It's a FREE online mini painting course that I have up for the whole summer. Read about it below.

In the meantime, take a look at these new colors and get ready to share your artwork. I hope to find you on Instagram. Tag @colorcrsuhcreativeand use the hashtag #cccpalette45 for any work related to Sunrise to Sunset or #colorcrushcreative for any colorful post. I can't wait to see your artwork and hope to feature your work on the feed!

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The month of July is all about the color MAGENTA! You'll see it in all our color palettes as well as the guest teacher in True Colors - Trupti of @whatacolor_gal. I love the color magenta and find it very versatile. We are having a blast in the True Colors program mixing up paint and learning from new artists all the time.

In fact this is what Catie Guse had to say this week: I Can’t believe all the great tools and techniques I’ve learned from True COLORS and the reminders of the tricks I knew but had forgotten about😊 This class is hands down the BEST online class I have ever invested in. I actually have to muster the patience to get from Friday to FridayπŸ˜‚ The anticipation is REAL!

If you're ready to take your art to the next level - True Colors is the place to be online!


Now...her's a little fun about the color MAGENTA:

Magenta, like pink, is a playful and fun color. Because of its feminine ties, it is also associated with nurturing, abundance and romance. It's an upbeat color. Does it make you happy? 

Magenta is a modern color, a synthetic dye invented by a French Chemist in the mid 1800s. Originally named Fuschine (Fuschia), it was changed to Magenta in honor of a French-Italian battle.

This new found aniline dye created a demand for new hues by the consumers. Soon a color war broke out and companies fought to produce the best and brightest colors, even going so far as to steal trade secrets and tie up manufacturers in court. Eventually magenta went out of fashion. Years later it was discovered that the dye had dangerously high levels of arsenic.

Magenta and other new synthetic hues were a favorite of the Fauvist artists around the turn of the century. A short lived art movement that followed impressionism, Fauvism was led by Andre Derain and Henri Matisse. It celebrated pure hues, bold color combinations and for scenes of nature and people. 

Thanks to CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) color printing, magenta has a permanent place in history. Thank goodness, because Quinacridone Magenta has become an artist favorite!

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Seascape Escape Online Painting Course

Seascape Escape mini painting course with Kellee Wynne Studios.jpg

FREE Class Offer for Summer of 2018!

We all long for lazy days at the beach. Now you can escape with a little memory or wish of beautiful coastal days in this fun mini course created by Kellee Wynne Studios.

Seascape Escape is an an easy step by step class to teach you how to paint abstracted cloudy seascapes in a process method developed hand-in-hand with the True Colors program. This is an excellent place to begin if you're new to acrylic painting and want to learn more about your materials and how to begin and end simple landscape paintings. If you're a seasoned artist, there is always something new to discover with ideas and techniques you might not have experienced yet.

We start with the modern primary colors: cyan, yellow and magenta and learn how to mix up a rainbow. The color wheel may seem like an elementary project, but it is a great eye opener to how colors work together. In addition to a step-by-step downloadable PDF there is a complete tutorial on painting the mini seascape in a series. These concepts will be reinforced with additional painting videos of the mini seascapes in action. And because there are always extras with Kellee Wynne Studios, a complete video tutorial of painting the seascape on a larger canvas is being added as a bonus.

Get started today with instant access on an easy to use platform. Once you've registered, this video series is yours to watch, rewatch and enjoy for as long as you'd like. 

For the entire summer of 2018 you can get this e-course for FREE, just use the code SUMMERFORFREE at checkout. (Offer ends August 31st, 2018.)

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Wild at Heart, Painting with Taylor Lee

Taylor Lee is our June 2018 Guest Artist on True Colors, a monthly art course. She shares how she creates large scale abstract blooms in an outstanding video lesson. The video is always available to go back and watch no matter when you join the program. Learn more HERE.

Taylor Lee is a color-obsessed artist with a passion for communicating through acrylic paintings. She is from a small, rural town in North Carolina. She is most recognized for her bold use of concentrated color that often incorporates free-spirited marks that create dichotomies between the wild and thoughtful, the bold and vulnerable. Taylor is also vocal about her experience with mental illness. She finds ways to bring the reality of a stigmatized mental illness into a celebratory light, creating paintings that are buzzing with energy, movement, and loud colors. You can learn more about her at

Color Crush Creative Palette 43: Wild at Heart

It's another amazing palette with new ideas to explore. With the integration of Color Crush Creative and the True Colors monthly membership course, we now have a new system in place to direct our focus. Every month we will have at least one guest artist, a focal color to base all palettes off of and a main theme for inspiration. So...

Welcome to the month of June where everything is WILD AT HEART!Our focal color is CORAL and our theme focus is on Big, Wild Blooms. And our Guest Artist is Taylor Lee of @taylorleepaints. Oh you will love this month for sure. We have three different color palettes featuring the Wild at Heart colors as well as the focal color Coral. All these gorgeous colors will have you dreaming with the fireflies for the magical month of June....And in True Colors we have 5 Fridays, which means there will be bonus lessons. If you haven't joined, go take a look at all the wonderful things the monthly membership in True Colors has to offer. And even if you haven't joined yet, you will find a whole lot of exciting and wonderful art tips and tricks coming out of this month. Look for new blog postsYouTube videos, conversations in the Facebook Group, your shared artwork on @colorcrushcreative, and an upcoming surprise art supply giveaway sponsored by Arteza!

Color Crush Creative Palette 42: Spring Fling

Hope you are ready for an abundance of color! Having a fresh start every other week with new colors and inspiration is a great way to stay motivated and active in your creative pursuits. I asked on social media what was your biggest challenge as an artist - and most of you either said TIME or FINDING YOUR STYLE.... I'm ready to work on these ideas together. Look for new blog posts, tips on the social media feeds and in the True Colors online course where we have been building a fantastic group of supportive friends. We can't create in a bubble and we certainly can't let fear hold us back from doing the thing we are so passionate about. So in the next month expect to have a good heart to heart!

In the meantime, I think that Spring Fling is going to be a hit and I hope to see you creating and sharing a lot of artwork on Instagram because I want to feature you! Please take clear bright photos and use the hashtag #cccpalette42 so I can find you and share your work on @colorcrushcreative

Color Mixing Video Turtorial

Learning to see and mix and create beautifully with color is a skill that takes time and practice. You can mix these 12 colors with only 3 tubes of paint plus white. It's all part of the color confidence system I have been developing over the last year with Color Crush Creative and the new online program TRUE COLORS.

Using a modern color wheel consisting of Cyan, Yellow and Magenta have revolutionized how I see color. You really can mix the most amazing, vibrant colors with very few tubes of paint!

Postcards from Paris Weekend Workshop Retreat

Imagine a whole weekend to escape to Paris right from the comfort of Queen’s Ink in Savage, Maryland! Learn the foundations of mixed media in a playful, relaxed setting. Spend three days learning and painting with Kellee Wynne Conrad. We will create several projects, including postcard art, a mini envelope art journal, architecturally inspired mixed media and even a painting of the Eiffel Tower.

Color Crush Creative Palette 41: Kaleidoscope

Finally a new palette! And we're changing the format just a bit with more color and new monthly themes. The next two weeks we will be focusing on the bright and playful palette of Kaleidoscope. If you're paying attention to your color theory, you might notice that this is a complementary palette, so easy to use with the potential of creating an eye popping painting. Don't forget to add white to bring balance to your artwork and share using the hashtag #cccpalette41.

The Power of Letting Go, Painting with Erika Wynn

Erika Wynn is an artist, screen printer and yoga instructor living in Michigan. She is inspired by energy, birth and all things BRIGHT & BOLD! And her daughter Violet is one of her biggest inspirations.

This spring (2018) Erika will launch her new line of screen printed clothes with her signature style and bold colors. Learn more here:

Color Crush Creative Palette 40: Garden Room

Who is ready for spring? I need green and growing and bright sunny days, especially after our freak March snowstorm covering most of the Northeast. My solution is to grow as much as possible in my home and because of that I have dubbed my dining room as my new garden room. You can do that right?

Enjoy playing with our 40th palette with the lush greens and perfectly contrasting peaches! And in two weeks Color My Life begins. It's a free ecourse and I highly suggest you sign up now. You'll find the link in the current events section down below. Also, don't forget to schedule some time to come paint with me, new workshops are being added regularly.

Color Crush Creative Palette 39: Happy Dance

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind of excitement for me! So may new opportunities and projects are happening that I am doing a "Happy Dance"!! My upcoming art classes at Queen's Ink are filling up and I can't wait to teach my new True Colors painting program. On the horizon - additional new in-person workshops, including traveling locations in 2019. A huge art exhibit in April showing 40+ of my paintings in Annapolis. And finally - new online format for learning all about color and painting coming this spring! I have a lot of reasons to do a Happy Dance, and that is the name of the new palette.

Last week I hit publish on a new color mixing and painting video and everyone seemed to love it. thank you for the great response! Here's the link if you haven't had a chance to see it yet: PLAY VIDEO

Workshop: Technique Tsunami

This two day event will open a floodgate of exciting new methods for creating mixed media abstract artwork. Join Kellee Wynne as she shares all the secrets to her layered method of acrylic painting on paper. From spray paint to collage and mark making to stencils, this class has it all, including foundation work in color, composition and design. We will learn how to turn your play into a completed work of art. Everything you learn in Technique Tsunami can stand on its own to create new paintings, add new ideas to your personal artwork or bring new life to your personal art journal. Don’t get bogged down in your old routine, let’s shake things up with paint, paper and play!