You aren’t alone if you’ve always wanted to paint beautiful blooms.

We’ve carefully curated some incredible floral courses for you so you learn a wide variety of techniques and styles.

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 Florals are some of the most popular subjects of art, likely because they move seamlessly between styles, and their beauty is unparalleled. From contemporary art to classical still life, florals have captured the hearts of artists from all over the world.

Learn along with some of our most asked-about guest artists from the former  True Colors Art Program.

What You Get With Artist Melange: Abstract Florals

Wendy Brightbill

is an artist known for bold colors, fabulous textures, and a wonderful mix of media to establish a wide range of shapes and styles all in one place. Her work is edgy and ethereal, and incorporates wax, embroidery, ink, collage, stencils, and more. Enjoy this course where she walks you through her methods for creating fabulous mixed media abstract florals.

Regina Lord

is inspired by the Southwestern mountains, the desert, the sunshine, the streets, and the people too. Her work is colorful and eclectic, combining her Hispanic heritage, her deep rooted love for folk art, and her enchantment with magical whimsicality.

Marge Applegren

is a Fine Artist creating original paintings and digital art from her studio in Silver Lake, Wisconsin. She is self-taught and began her painting journey with nail polish because it was literally the only paint she had. Marge made dots, dots, and dots and more dots. You can still see her love of dots in the work she is producing today.

Clair Bremner

creates florals, abstracts, and landscapes often merge reality with imagination, creating a sense of magic, wonderment, and flair in all she creates. You can see this in her floral course, which combines her techniques for more lifelike blooms and some that are purely from her brilliant imagination. 

Taylor Lee

is an adventurous and avante-garde artist whose work spans a wide range of directions. From abstraction to still-life, her personality shines through in every piece. In her course you get to work along with her as she shares her color mixing concepts, mediums to keep your paint fluid and works out some gigantic blooms. She'll encourages you to do the same.

Holly Platt

is a floral and landscape artist whose work evokes a sense of calm and beauty. For her course, Holly will walk you through her steps for creating  miniature studies in her sketchbook. Then she shows you how to scale to a large abstract floral painting. Work along with her and try something new and exciting!

Mel Doty

is an acryla gouache artist who specializes in florals, abstracts, and murals. Between her clean, vibrant geometric pieces and her vivid, inviting florals, Mel uses her expertise to help guide you in your artistic process. This lesson will guide you through color selection to a finished bold floral. Along the way, you’ll learn plenty of tips and tricks from the boss!

Bonus Resource Content

Bonus Content is always included with all Studio Courses. You're extra resource lessons include Color Harmony, the Color Mixing Lab and Basics, like materials and preparation. These are ready upon enrollment.

PDFs & Worksheets

Enjoy PDFs, worksheets, resources, materials lists, and more! Each artist has prepared everything you need to get started with watercolors.

melange purely absract main mock

Create the beautiful blooms you've always dreamed of!

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What's Included with All Melange Courses:

  • Guest artists and content are carefully curated by Kellee Wynne Conrad.
  •  Content previously only available thru the True Colors Art Program, now available to keep forever.
  • Carefully constructed coursework designed to elevate your work quickly when you put in the time and energy.
  • A wide range of artists and styles who give you the skills you need to succeed.
  • Open and supportive learning environment where trying new things is the expectation, not the rule.
  • High quality video lessons from expert artists.
  • Over 4 hours of instruction in every Melange.
  • Completely downloadable content.
  • Lifetime Access.
  •  Private Facebook Community.
  • Insight to the creative process.
  • New skills and techniques to help you grow.
  • Ideas to fuel your creative fire.

Rewrite the book on how you create!

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But wait... there's more, Your Bonus Course!

In addition to the HD Video Lessons in this Melange, you also get the complete Foundation Essentials bonus course worth over $150 and packed with over 20 lessons when you enroll today. 

Painting Basics

Don't feel lost when it comes to the techniques you need to get started making art. This module will provide lessons on preparing your canvas, choosing brushes, the difference in types of acrylic paint, how to use fixatives, varnishing and wiring your canvas.

Color Harmony

Let's deepen the color mixing experience by reinforcing color theory with a thorough lesson on color theory to help you learn what makes for great color combinations and what makes mud.

More Color and Composition

We're not stopping with the color wheel. In the next module let's explore muted colors, mixing vibrant greens, value and what makes a a strong composition.

Mixing Lab Sampler

Finally, in the last module we practice our new found color knowledge by mixing up predesigned palettes colors using only 3 tubes of paint - cyan, magenta and yellow plus white.

Introducing the Melange Artists

abstract name alice

I am a mixed media artist, creative innovator and teacher. I began my creative journey in 2010 after a car accident and traumatic brain injury. Since that time, I have launched my creative business in order to share my art and experience with others. I operate my Etsy shop, A Girl and Her Brush, and sell my prints and originals internationally. I also teach online courses at and travel several times a year to teach in person workshops. I used to be a kindergarten teacher before my car accident and now use my love for teaching in a very different way through sharing my passion for art with my students. I pride myself on being a true mixed media artist and works in a variety of different mediums. I love to innovate how I use mediums and techniques. At any given time, I am working in several different mediums and constantly challenging myself as an artist. Over my short art career, I have worked in watercolors, acrylics, inks, collage, digital illustration, photography, drawing, and oil paints. I am excited to now be able to incorporate my stencil designs into my art and to teach others how to incorporate stencils into mixed media work. I believe that art-making heals. I believe in embracing the process and letting go of the end product. I believe that beauty is a necessity and that we paint what we need the most in our lives.

what you learn

Part One:

Dive into a journey of abstract floral painting like no other. In this in-depth video lesson Wendy will expose you to so many new ideas and techniques for creating mixed media artwork that you won't wait a second to get painting. 

Part Two:

Wendy explores watercolor marks with a dagger brush, mark making with different media, stenciling with her own Stencil Girls stencils and then layers and layers of collage on cradle board using cut outs from previously painted papers. She will show you her favorite ways to add texture and mark making with abundant layers of paint and texture.

abstract name alice

I was born and raised in northern Arizona and have lived in Arizona for most of my life. I was very interested in art at a young age and was encouraged to be creative by my loving grandparents. I studied art throughout my school years along with studying to become a registered nurse. I received my Bachelors in the Science of Nursing from Northern Arizona University in 1999 and worked as a pediatric, mother baby nurse and lactation consultant for 13 years. I recently left my nursing career, in August of 2012, to pursue her creative dreams of being a full-time artist and now spend a good portion of my time making art and playing with paints and other interesting mediums.

what you learn

Part One:

In part one of Regina Lord's coursework, follow along as she demonstrates the basics of her style of portraits. She'll walk you through the materials, process, and even the dimensions/proportions of human faces so you can create your own beautiful portrait work and floral crowns.

Part Two:

Part two of Regina's course takes you from the foundations of portraits to shadows, highlights, and adding in dimension. Then you'll add finishing touches to your portrait like the floral crown and facial details.

abstract name alice

Making art is messy. It’s: Paint splatters everywhere. Taking breaks to nurse your baby even though you’re in the middle of a breakthrough. Drinking the paint water by accident. Meeting the canvas uninspired some days and doing the work anyway. Overcoming challenges until eventually, after many years, embracing yourself as an artist. Don't let anyone tell you that it's meditative brush strokes in a pristine studio. Thinking that way will only discourage you and lead you to believe you're not cut out for artistry. You are. Your messy beautiful self is exactly what the art world need.

what you learn

Get Messy!

Paint along with the fabulous Marge Applegren as she walks you through putting on that hat of hers and making the paint splatter and move across the canvas to become some beautiful florals.

Finish Up:

See her fascinating process and watch the painting reveal itself as she goes.

abstract name alice

My artwork is inspired by nature and I like to focus on bringing the outside in. My paintings are highly decorative, however, I feel they also serve as a reflection of the beauty and complexity that nature provides.  I like to capture the essence of a landscape, stylizing it and making it my own. I employ colour, pattern, and repetition to portray the layers of foliage and vegetation that can be seen within the landscape.

My colour palette is governed by my mood and the general feeling I want to create within each painting. I generally work with analogous colour combinations because I feel they best reflect the natural harmony of nature, the subtle warm or cool changes of the seasons and foliage provide endless inspiration. However, I am not afraid of colour and often experiment with combinations that are not usually traditionally associated with nature and landscapes.

I work spontaneously and rarely begin with a set plan in mind. I let each painting evolve intuitively as I build each layer of paint. I work quickly to begin with, which is why I prefer to work with faster-drying acrylic paints. Each piece is then finished off with a layer of gloss varnish to enhance the colours and depth and also protect the surface of the painting. Painting for me is second nature, I have been doing it in one way or another since my early teen years and it feels as natural as breathing.

My paintings are both a direct reflection of my surroundings and an imaginary world – a secret garden that exists in my mind. A whimsical place that I can go to escape and be lost within. I create a world that I want to be in and that provides an escape from the everyday. 

what you learn

Color & Composition

You've seen her in your social media feeds and dreamed of learning her secrets, now is your chance to join Clair in her studio and learn her methods to bright and happy floral painting. Clair shares her favorite color palettes and teaches you exactly how she lays out her floral composition. 

Paint Like a Pro!

Add lots of layers of acrylic paint to create a beautiful bouquet and then learn Clair's techniques for filling in the background to make the flowers pop.  Now is your chance to learn how to paint like a pro with Clair Bremner!

abstract name alice

I am Taylor Lee -- a color-obsessed artist with a passion for communicating through acrylic paintings. I am from a small, rural town in North Carolina. Pulling inspiration from Baz Luhrmann, Lisa Frank, and the pulsing crowds of general admission at a pop punk show, I explore concepts like maximalism, mania, and madness. I am most recognized for my bold use of concentrated color that often incorporates free-spirited marks which create dichotomies between the wild and thoughtful, the bold and vulnerable. I am also vocal about my experience with mental illness. I find ways to bring the reality of a stigmatized mental illness into a celebratory light, creating paintings that are buzzing with energy, movement, and loud colors.

what you learn

Get Wild

Paint large, wild blooms with Taylor Lee as she shows you how to loosen up, blend color, and create flowing florals on a large scale. As you watch, you'll see her use wetting agent to keep her acrylic paints moving smoothly and to keep them from drying too quickly.

Inspired by Beauty

Taylor walks you through her favorite sources of inspiration to create her beautiful abstract blooms. Watch her finish up her composition and explain her process.

Name - Holly Platt

The delightful thing about having small art journals and notebooks is that they are easy to transport and use for quick exercises. Not only does a quick exercise in your favorite sketchbook give you practice, it also can help you work through creative blocks, and provide you with reference pieces for future larger works. The point of these "quick studies" is to loosen up, have fun, work fast so that you are not overthinking the process, and get your creative juices flowing.


what you learn

Explore New Ideas

Watch as Holly creates a mini piece of floral art in her journal as practice and to test out new ideas. Then she shows you how to scale the work onto a large canvas resulting in a vibrant abstract floral painting. 

Intuitive & Playful

Holly guides you in her intuitive and playful expression so that you really feel like you're in the studio with her. Expand your own practice by using a small art journal to play, learn, and practice compositions, and to create a floral piece of art of your own.

Name - Holly Platt

Hello there! My name is Melissa, but you can call me Mel! 

For over 40 years, I have had pen in hand as a constant doodler, but it wasn’t until 2016 that I began to draw or paint - most days - with intention. Is it cliché to say that I’ve always dreamed of being an artist? Probably, but that’s my story. Fear of failure held me back. But one day, my fear of never painting finally overtook my fear of looking stupid. And then I found watercolors! I was immediately hooked by their finicky magic and could not put the paintbrush down.

I am self-taught and currently spend each day in my basement studio making up for lost time. The majority of my work is watercolor and acryla gouache, but I want to try it all! I have completed three local murals and have two more large-scale murals lined up. Right now, I am working on bold, graphicky florals and geometric patterns, and trying to scale up to larger pieces. 

Basically, I try to create or learn something every day. It connects me to others in ways I could not have foreseen, and I think that has been the best part of (finally) living a creative, genuine life.

I live in Charleston, West Virginia with my husband, Steve, cat, Noelle, puppy, Ginger, and enjoy visits from our 5 adult kids when they are home from their various schools. I am a chatty introvert who loves chocolate, long walks, and art supplies!

Keep an eye out on my website and instagram for art for sale and yearly goodies like calendars.

what you learn

Explore New Ideas

Watch as Holly creates a mini piece of floral art in her journal as practice and to test out new ideas. Then she shows you how to scale the work onto a large canvas resulting in a vibrant abstract floral painting. 

Intuitive & Playful

Holly guides you in her intuitive and playful expression so that you really feel like you're in the studio with her. Expand your own practice by using a small art journal to play, learn, and practice compositions, and to create a floral piece of art of your own.

abstract - mockup all

Rewrite the book on how you create

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name - kellee


I'm Kellee and I believe there is magic inherent in making art. It heals the soul and connects like-minded people from around the world with something joyful and meaningful. When we make art we make a more beautiful life in small and big ways. So it is my mission to help you make more art!

A little back story - My childhood was all about running through sculpture gardens and playing in the neighbors' art studios....what was this wonderland? It's undeniable that my upbringing, while somewhat unusual, left me with a strong impression that we can live the life of our dreams through art. That there is magic inherent in living a creative life. My true purpose is to bring that magic back and share it with those who are longing to realize their creative purpose.



When does the Class Begin?

All e-courses are self-study and self-paced. The videos are all prerecorded and ready to watch upon purchase. You can watch them whenever you want, and as many times as you wish. It is up to you to find the timing that suits you best. Make time for your creativity. It is a gift you are giving yourself!

How long to I get to keep the courses?

You have unlimited LIFETIME* access to this Melange Artist course. *Lifetime means for as long as Kellee Wynne Studios, LLC is providing online courses.

How do I View the Content?

You can access the lessons and video from most mobile devices and computers with high speed internet. The videos will be hosted online on an easy to use platform called Simplero. This course will also be available for download if you wish. 

What Supplies Do I Need?

Each course has a different supply list provided in the course materials.  Most courses use acrylic and mixed media. We encourage you to be innovative and use what you have. However, if you need supplies, we have an Amazon Storefront with our best recommendations: LINK

Once I sign up, when will I receive my login?

You will first receive a confirmation email as soon as you sign up. Login instructions will be sent to the email you used during registration. If it's the first time you are taking one of my classes, you will receive a random password for the classroom site. Once you are logged in, you will be able to go into your settings and change the password to your liking. If you are a returning student, the class will be automatically added to your existing member account, provided that you have used the same email address when registering.

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If you feel like you don’t get value from this online art course and additional bonuses, you can email us at anytime within 14 days and we will happily refund your full purchase price. *note content is not downloadable until after the refund period ends.  

Is this the same content as True Colors?

Yes. These are all the exact same lessons shared in the True Colors Art Program. True Colors is now permanently closed, but you can now buy the best of the best in these Melange courses and keep the content to enjoy as often as you'd like for as long as we stay in business. In fact you can even download the lessons. What an amazing offer that you can begin enjoying today!

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